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Study Abroad in Budapest: Courses

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Students take both courses for a total of 6 credits.


BUS 302 (3) | Innovation and Quality Management 

This advanced course will help students in exploring and understanding business strategies and marketing practices in a global environment. They will have the opportunity to discuss the concepts, institutions, processes and systems of international business, putting the main emphasis on marketing decisions. The factors governing the decision of a company to market their products or services in a foreign environment will be explored in further detail.

BUS 304 (3) | Global Business Strategies 

This course aims to give management students confidence and competence in relevant issues relating to the management of quality and innovation. Students will gain an appreciation of the skills and techniques needed to manage quality and innovation on both strategic and operational levels. It will offer different approaches based on real-life case studies from around the world. Students will ultimately be able to understand and apply strategies, tools and techniques for managing quality and innovation, many of which differ from those incorporated into everyday business and administration.


Download Study Abroad Resources!

Download Study Abroad Resources!