AIFS Abroad

AIFS Study Abroad in Athens, Greece
Fall 2018 and Spring 2019
Course Descriptions


Over 1000 ACG courses are available to AIFS students on the Full Curriculum program. The courses listed below are only a sample of those offered in each area. If you do not see a course that you require, please contact the AIFS Admissions Officer. Semester students may choose up to 5 courses and Intensive (Fall Quarter students) up to 3 courses. Some courses listed are not available on the Intensive Fall Quarter program. Recommended credits are shown in parentheses. Courses are subject to change at the discretion of The American College of Greece.

Full Curriculum Program

Course Code and Credits: Accounting and Finance/AF 3105 (3)
Course Title: Principles of Finance
Course Description:
Basic principles, methods and techniques of financial management and their application within a business.
Course Code and Credits: Anthropology/AN 2011 (3)
Course Title: Anthropology in Greece Today
Course Description:
Folkloric studies in twentieth-century Greece including a survey and critical appreciation of collections of oral literature.
Course Code and Credits: Archaeology/AH 1000 (3)
Course Title: Introduction to Archaeology
Course Description:
A brief survey of archaeology in the ancient Near East, Egypt and Greece in light of recent excavations. Students will study the aims, history, theory and methods of archaeology with emphasis on the Stone Age and Bronze Age.
Course Code and Credits: Archaeology/AH 2122 (3)
Course Title: Topographies and Monuments of Ancient Athens
Course Description:
A site-based introduction to the topography and monuments of Athens from the Geometric period up to the Roman period.
Course Code and Credits: Studio Art/AR 2023 (3)
Course Title: Figure Drawing I
Course Description:
Introduction to drawing the human figure - posture, movement and characteristics of the human body.
Course Code and Credits: Art History/AT 2027 (3)
Course Title: Aspects of Greek Art in Athens
Course Description:
An introductory exploration of aspects of Greek art, broadly defined chronologically, through “hands on experience,” utilizing the collections available in museums, in galleries and on sites in Athens. Students should budget $100-200 for museum entrance fees.
Course Code and Credits: Classical Literature/CL 2122 (3)
Course Title: Classical Greek Literature and Culture
Course Description:
A study, in English translation, of some of the most important works of Greek literature, placing them within their cultural context.
Course Code and Credits: Classical Literature/CL 1004 (3)
Course Title: Myth in the Ancient Greek and Roman World
Course Description:
Introduction to the rich world of Greek and Roman mythology with an examination of their appearance in literature and culture.
Course Code and Credits: Communications/CN 2201 (3)
Course Title: Contemporary Mass Communication
Course Description:
Overview of the mass media industry including the history and the role of mass media in shaping public opinion.
Course Code and Credits: Justice Studies/JS 1011 (3)
Course Title: Introduction to Criminal Justice
Course Description:
Overview of the American criminal justice system. Examination of its various phases: investigation and detection of crimes by the police; prosecution of alleged offenders; adjudication of cases by courts; re-integration. Study of the role, organization, ethics and limitations of law enforcement, courts and corrections. Emphasis on the IV and V Amendments to the U.S. Constitution.
Course Code and Credits: Drama/DR 1026 (3)
Course Title: Theater in Athens
Course Description:
Looking at current trends of theater in Athens, students will attend a wide spectrum of theater performances and analyze their attributes in the classroom.
Course Code and Credits: Economics/EC 3221 (3)
Course Title: Economic Development of Modern Greece
Course Description:
Focuses on major trends in the Greek economy since WWII including fiscal and monetary policies and a discussion of problems like inflation, tax evasion, the public debt, balance of payments, education and security. This course also includes Greece’s accession to the EEC, membership of the Eurozone and the onset of crisis in 2009-10.
Course Code and Credits: Greek/GR 1000 (3)
Course Title: Modern Greek I
Course Description:
This course develops a student’s listening, speaking, reading and writing skills in Modern Greek.
Course Code and Credits: History/HY 2060 (3)
Course Title: Greece: The Birth of a Modern Nation
Course Description:
Historical, political and cultural developments in Greece from the Revolution to the age of Venizelos. Covers the birth and building of the modern Greek state.
Course Code and Credits: History/HY 3061 (3)
Course Title: Modern Greece: A Troubled History
Course Description:
Developments in Greece from the Balkan Wars and the National Schism to the present. Particular attention is paid to the role of Greece in the two world wars, the causes and consequences of the Civil War and the Dictatorship of 1967- 1974 and the nature of the restored democracy after the fall of the junta.
Course Code and Credits: Honors/HSS 2211 (3)
Course Title: Private Stories, Public Stories: Personal Narratives in Social/Historical Perspectives
Course Description:
Explores the interrelationship of private stories and public experience through study of the characteristics and function of oral story-telling. Focus is placed on the connection between story-telling, personal memory, and social/historical experience. Students are exposed to the techniques and processes of oral history, such as conducting interviews; handling materials ethically and responsibly; and composing and editing research documents and projects. Major emphasis is placed on experiential learning as much of the course will involve direct contact with the object of study. Students will work under the guidance of the instructor on specified subjects that will vary from semester to semester.
This course includes 15 hours of service learning within the community in Athens. Previous students have worked with the refugee population as part of this service component. A minimum 3.5 GPA is required for this International Honors Course.
Course Code and Credits: International Business/IB 2006 (3)
Course Title: International Business
Course Description:
Essentials of international business including the international business environment, international business law, cross-cultural interaction, international accounting, international finance, comparative management, international marketing, and global corporations.
Course Code and Credits: International Tourism and Hospitality Management/HT 1001 (3)
Course Title: Introduction to Tourism and the Hospitality Industry
Course Description:
Topics include: origins and growth of tourism, tourism as a global phenomenon, demand and supply of tourism, the Greek tourism industry and its role in the Greek economy, the structure of the tourism industry and future prospects for Greek and international tourism.
Course Code and Credits: International Tourism and Hospitality Management/HT 3113 (3)
Course Title: Tourism Planning and Development
Course Description:
Principles for tourism development and planning based on a comprehensive, coordinated and managed approach. Stakeholders involved in the development of tourism policy and planning and complexities of economic, social and political factors involved. Integrated analysis of the strategic planning process at the international and supranational levels, illustrated with (international) case studies. Impacts of tourism policies on tourism businesses and entrepreneurial activity.
Course Code and Credits: Marketing/MK 2050 (3)
Course Title: Principles of Marketing
Course Description:
Basic understanding of marketing concepts and processes including key marketing decision areas in product development, pricing, distribution and promotion.
Course Code and Credits: Music/MU 1000 (3)
Course Title: Music I
Course Description:
Survey of the basic elements of music: style, form, performance media and interpretation. Focus on Medieval, Renaissance and Baroque music.
Course Code and Credits: Oceanography/OC 1001 (3)
Course Title: Life in the Oceans
Course Description:
Principles of chemical and biological oceanography with emphasis on chemical and biological processes, the properties and origin of water and salts, major constituents, dissolved gases and nutrients, the carbon dioxide system, coastal processes, the biological productivity of the oceans, ecology, distribution and classification of marine organisms, ocean resources and ocean pollution.
Course Code and Credits: Philosophy/PH 1000 (3)
Course Title: Introduction to Philosophy
Course Description:
Discussion of the most influential philosophical answers to ‘big’ questions about reality, ourselves and our place in it. Examination of the relation of philosophy to other disciplines and its role in daily life.
Course Code and Credits: Philosophy/PH 3010 (3)
Course Title: Ethics
Course Description:
An introduction to basic problems and theories of modern philosophy. The use of reasoning in moral assessment of actions and persons.
Course Code and Credits: Psychology/PS 1001 (3)
Course Title: Psychology as a Social Science
Course Description:
Theoretical perspectives and research methods, life-span development, mental abilities, personality theory and assessment, stress and coping, psychological disorders and treatment, social behavior.
Course Code and Credits: Psychology/PS 2207 (3)
Course Title: Developmental Psychology: The Preschool Years
Course Description:
Theoretical approaches and methodological issues, biocultural foundations of development, prenatal development and birth, physical, cognitive and socioemotional development in infancy and early childhood. Emphasis on ecological and contextual perspective on development and on the practical implications of developmental science behavior.
Course Code and Credits: Sociology/SOX 2007 (3)
Course Title: Health and Society
Course Description:
Health in relation to age, gender, race, socioeconomic status, social stress, health and illness behavior as well as healing options in American society. The sick role, doctor–patient interaction, the role of physicians, nurses, midwives. The development of hospitals, their organization and the rising cost of health care delivery. Health care delivery in the USA, the first world and formerly socialist countries as well as in other countries.
Course Code and Credits: Sociology/SOX 2127 (3)
Course Title: Sociology of Architecture
Course Description:
Introduction to sociological responses to modern metropolitan architecture and urban planning in key texts, from classical theory, the Chicago School and the Frankfurt Institute of Social Research to post-modern and post structuralist explorations of a sociology of architecture.
Course Code and Credits: Speech/SP 2200 (3)
Course Title: Presentation Skills
Course Description:
Contemporary communication theory, rhetoric and principles of speech writing. Development, organization, and delivery of informative and persuasive presentations. Training in verbal and non-verbal skills.
Course Code and Credits: Writing Program/WP 1010 (3)
Course Title: Introduction to Academic Writing
Course Description:
Introduction to reading, writing, and thinking skills central to academic discourse. Emphasis is placed on summarizing and critically responding to non-fiction texts.

Additional Courses

AIFS students have also taken these courses in the past:

  • Anthropology/AN 2010 (3): Greek Folklore
  • Art/AR 1005 (3): Fundamentals of Design
  • Art History/AT 1000 (3): History of Art
  • Art History/AH 1002 (3): The Archaeology of Daily Life
  • Art History/AT 2017 (3): Modern Greek Art
  • Biology/BI 1006 (3): Human Biology and Current Issues
  • Chemistry/CH1002 (3): Principles of Chemistry
  • Communications/CN 2203 (3): Public Relations
  • Communications/CN 2405 (3): Multimedia Lab
  • Communications/CN 3210 (3): Communications in Advertising
  • Communications/CN 3532 (3): Communication Research Methods
  • Dance/DA 1050 (3): Contemporary Dance I
  • Drama/Literature/Classics/CL 3224 (3): Ancient Greek Drama in Translation
  • Drama/Literature/EN 2344 (3): Introduction to Drama
  • Economics/EC 2011 (3): Economic History of Europe
  • Environmental Science/ES 1011 (3): Ecosystems and Biodiversity
  • History/HY 1000 (3): Survey of Western Civilization I
  • History/HY 2002 (3): Great Thinkers and Their Ideas
  • History/HY 2009 (3): The Spartans
  • History/HY 2026 (3): Middle East
  • History/HY 2034 (3): History of Ancient Greece
  • History/HY 3010 (3): Ancient Greek Mythology and Religion
  • History/HY 3041 (3): Russia and the Soviet Union
  • International Business/IB 3208 (3): Business in the European Union
  • Language Courses – French, German, Italian, and Spanish
  • Literature/GL 2224 (3): Currents in Modern Greek Literature
  • Management/MG 2034 (3): Organizational Behavior and Human Resources Management
  • Management/MG 3343 (3): Operations Management
  • Mathematics/MA 2118 (3): Statistics for Business and Economics I
  • Music/MU 3531 (3): Studies in Twentieth Century Greek Music
  • Philosophy/PH 2020 (3): Greek Philosophy
  • Philosophy/PH 2005 (3): Business Ethics
  • Political Science/PO 1000 (3) Political Organization
  • Political Science/PO 2004 (3): Diplomacy
  • Sociology/SO 1000 (3): Introduction to Sociology
  • Sociology/SO 1001 (3): Sociology of Modern Life
  • Sociology/SO 2002 (3): Environment and Society

International Honors Program

AIFS students who have a GPA of 3.5 or above are eligible to apply for the International Honors Program at the American College of Greece where they will be able to choose from a select number of 3-credit Honors seminars.

Each semester the offerings will vary. Previous options included:

  • HFP 2202 Documentary Photography
  • HFP 2205 The Sound of the Future: Sonic Fiction, Science Fiction and Creative Coding
  • HHU 2209 The City as Myth: Landscape, Narrative and Urban Memory
  • HHU 2216 Gaming the Past
  • HNS 2285 Greening the Campus
  • HSS 2201 Career Building through Social Media
  • HSS 2204 Digital Citizenship: Netizens and Cyberselves
  • HSS 2206 Mediated Lives: Avatars, Cyborgs and Virtual Realities
  • HSS 2207 Constructions of Desire: Representations of Eroticism in Western Culture
  • HSS 2208: Poverty as Spectacle from the Odyssey to the Greek Crisis
  • HSS 2210 Between Reality and Imagination: Constructions of Modern Cityscapes
  • HSS 2212 The Future of Capitalism
  • HSS 2213 From Ballroom to Hip Hop: Reading the Language of Dance
  • HSS 2214 Laughing it off: Forms and Uses of Modern Political Satire
  • HSS 2215 Rebels Without a Cause: Cultural Expressions of 20th and 21st century Youth Subcultures
  • HSS 2217 Game On: Game Design and Social Interactions
  • HSS 2220 Strolling Incognito in Athens: the Art of City Walkabouts
  • HSS 2221 Performing Masculinities