AIFS Global Scholars Certificate Program

Maximize the benefits of studying abroad by earning recognition as an AIFS Global Scholar.

AIFS Global Scholars distinguish themselves by integrating hands-on experience into their education and demonstrating that they are well prepared to lead, live, work and serve in diverse settings. By capturing your experience, skills and insights in an e-portfolio, you will:

Earn this unique certification by committing to in-depth learning about your host culture, engaging with the local community abroad and putting your new perspective to work back home. AIFS Global Scholars are open to a range of opportunities – to become involved both while abroad and upon returning home – in order to broaden their perspective and connect their local and global communities.


The Value of Being a Global Scholar: How Will You Benefit?

The AIFS Global Scholars Certificate is intended to be meaningful and marketable, showing that you have made significant effort to expand your knowledge, skills and perspective.

  • Earn a unique certification that is a symbol of your academic achievement
  • Transform your experience abroad into a meaningful, integrated international learning experience
  • Begin shaping your career. Studies show that employers believe that intercultural skills are integral to the workplace
  • Set yourself apart. Be able to communicate to potential employers how your experience has shaped
    your skills and competencies.
  • Leverage your experience in the job search. Learn to know yourself and how to speak about the knowledge and skills you gained as the result of studying abroad. Capture it all in an e-portfolio intended for your career and professional development.


Who is Eligible?

All students who study on any AIFS semester program may participate. You will need to register and begin working on the lesson modules prior to going abroad.


Program Requirements

Complete a set of online modules that help you:

  • Explore your host culture
  • Examine your own cultural traits
  • Compare and contrast local & global issues
  • Make a difference in your local communities
  • Develop your intercultural competence
  • Identify your new skills and knowledge gained
  • Incorporate your newly-developed qualifications into your tailor-made e-portfolio which you can use in job searches

Before you depart, you will explore information about your host country as well as your own culture.

While you are abroad, you will reflect on the challenges you manage due to cultural differences and commit to at least ONE of these program options:

  • Live in a homestay (available on most programs)
  • Participate in minimum 15 hours of community service
  • Actively participate in a student club or organization

Upon your return, you will update/complete your e-portfolio. You will also share your international experience with members of your home campus or local community. Possibilities include:

  • Work or volunteer in your campus study abroad office
  • Mentor an international student on your campus
  • Give a presentation to a grade-school classroom (or scout troop, etc) about your host culture
  • Serve as a tutor for students studying your host-country language
  • Get involved in a civic organization focused on a local or global issue
  • Present on a topic or issue you learned about while abroad in one of your classes
  • Or, propose your idea to us for a feasible project

Students access all course information and modules via the AIFS Global Scholars Facebook page. Upon completion of the requirements including the e-portfolio, you will receive a formal certificate from AIFS.


For more information and to become a Global Scholar:

Send an email requesting a place in the Certificate Program (space is limited) to Include your program site, term abroad, and the email address that you use most often (and intend to use while abroad). Student questions about requirements, accessing online modules may be addressed to:

Rebecca Rankin, Admission Officer, 1.800.727.2437, x5077

Advisor questions about the certificate or related programming ideas for your campus should be directed to:

Ann Hubbard, Director of Academic Assessment, 1.800.727.2437, x5581