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Study Abroad in Paris (Catholic University of Paris, ILCF): Academics

Academic Program

Courses include: art history, cultural studies, economics, fashion, film studies, fine arts, French language, history, music, political science

Academic Overview and Policies

All students take French language in combination with French or English electives.

The number of class hours per week for the required French language course depends on the language level. Generally 1 credit is equivalent to 15 contact hours.

Students take up to 17 credits. Beginner and Elementary French language courses are recommended for 14 or 11 credits, Intermediate courses for 11 or 8 credits and Advanced for 8 or 5 credits.

Beginner level French students take an additional 1 or 2 elective courses taught in English or French.

Elementary and above level French students can take up to 3 additional courses. Choosing from French language courses in oral, written and phonetics skills and electives in French. Subjects taught in French include art history, cultural studies, fashion, fine arts and history depending on studentís French level.

The appropriate course level is determined by a placement test taken online prior to departure from the U.S. As the level tested into may not be confirmed before arrival in Paris, students should gain approval for several levels from their U.S. advisor to ensure they receive credit.

No AIFS participant is permitted to take a course without receiving a grade. Pass/Fail options are not available.

Session/Term Credits Requirements
Fall or Spring Semester Up to 17 credits Semester Program 2.5 GPA

Institut de Langue et de Culture Françaises (ILCF)

French language and elective courses for foreign students are taught at the ILCF, a department of the Catholic University of Paris. The Catholic University of Paris is a well-known and highly respected private university approved and recognized by the French Ministry of Education. Founded in 1948, the ILCF is an establishment of intellectual and research excellence. It welcomes 2,500 students every year from all over the world who want to learn French and take courses to become acquainted with French culture and civilization in a French atmosphere.

Download PDF with full program details on all AIFS France programs!

Download PDF with full program details on all AIFS France, Paris programs!