Study Abroad in Grenoble, France

Study Abroad in Grenoble and Chamonix: Living Abroad

AIFS in Grenoble Resident Director, January Term Program

AIFS Resident Director

Miranda Rea

11 rue de la Liberté
38000 Grenoble

Phone: (33) 9 71 51 00 94

Bonjour! After obtaining my degree in England I joined AIFS in the London office in 1989. I moved to France in 1990 and have been the Resident Director here in Grenoble since the fall of 1994. I'm here to provide support, encouragement and a friendly face to you during your stay in Grenoble. I know a great deal about the culture, language and lifestyle of France and am looking forward to sharing it with you. When I am not working, I love swimming, ice-skating and enjoying French cuisine. I am also a bit of a traveler myself, I spent a year as a volunteer and teacher in Zambia, Africa.

You'll find Grenoble to be a wonderful city and I'm here to help you out with any questions you may have. The office is in the center of town - feel free to stop in at any time.

The Resident Director provides academic advice, introduces you to the community and handles communication with the University.

Housing and Meals

Live in a modern and comfortable residence in the center of Grenoble. Typically 2 to 3 students will be roomed together and have a shared bedroom and kitchen. You will be in the center of the city with easy access to public transportation, shopping and cultural activities.The residence provides Internet access and a utility room with washers and dryers. There are student cafeterias nearby and a selection of different restaurants where you can sample French and international cuisine. In Chamonix, accommodation is in shared rooms in a residence in the center of town.

Public Transportation

Grenoble has an extensive bus and tram service that makes getting around easy. In Chamonix you are within walking distance of all the lifts, shops, restaurants and the school.

Winter Sports

Grenoble and Chamonix are home to some of the finest skiing areas in Europe.You will be able to take advantage of these stunning facilities every afternoon with a selection of activities. In Grenoble lift passes for ski access for 3 half days and 2 full days are included. In Chamonix students can purchase a variety of lift passes from local through to ones that cover skiing in three different countries (for the more adventurous) at a discounted price. The pistes are suitable for all levels from beginner to advanced. Equipment can be rented at discounted rates and lessons are available. In addition to skiing and snow boarding there are opportunities to experience cross-country skiing, snow shoeing and hiking. There is something for everyone, whatever your interest or ability.

AIFS Office

Located in the heart of Grenoble, surrounded by pedestrian streets, patisseries and public transport links, the AIFS office provides a welcoming focal point where students can use the Internet, research activities, plan trips and get help and advice from AIFS staff.

Cultural Activities

Learning does not begin or end in the classroom. To help you get a true taste of French culture various activities will be organized, such as:

  • Welcome reception
  • Sightseeing tour
  • Excursion to Geneva
  • Visit to the Mont Blanc
  • Farewell dinner
In addition, students have the opportunity to indulge in a true French passion: winter sports. Students will be able to ski regularly through the University ski club which offers half-day excursions during the week and full-day excursions during the weekend when in Grenoble. In Chamonix, you have the opportunity to explore the mountains every day after class. Staffm at the school in Chamonix are expert skiers who can advise you on where to go no matter what level you are at. You may choose to rent ski equipment for an additional fee or to bring your own skis/snowboard. Students may choose to take lessons for an extra fee. Whether you are a beginner skier, pro snowboarder, Nordic skier or just enjoy hiking in the mountains, you will have some of the best ski areas in the world on your doorstep.