Scholarships and Grants

Over 50% of our students receive financial support from AIFS in the form of scholarships or grants.

Affiliate Grant

Over 400 colleges and universities are affiliated with AIFS, which helps make the process of applying for an AIFS program easy, and may provide access to special affiliate scholarships. Students from affiliate institutions may automatically receive $400 grants for semester programs and $200 grants for summer and January Term programs. Others may apply for scholarships administered by their study abroad office.

Semester: $400
Summer: $200
January Term: $200

Find out if your institution offers an AIFS affiliate grant

Go Abroad Again with AIFS Grant

If you studied abroad on an AIFS program previously, you will receive a $500 grant to study abroad on an AIFS semester, academic year or summer catalog program.

Deadline: Completed scholarship and program applications must be postmarked or sent via email by the following deadlines:
Summer: April 1, 2022
Fall Semester/Fall Quarter/Academic Year 2022: April 15, 2022
Spring Semester/January Term/Spring Quarter 2023: October 1, 2022

AIFS Family Discount

AIFS Study Abroad offers a $500 program discount to students whose immediate family members (siblings or parents) have participated in or used other AIFS programs, including ACIS, Au Pair in America and Academic Year in America.