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Intern Abroad in London: Academics

Richmond, The American International University in London

Like the city in which it is located, Richmond, The American International University in London, provides a diverse, multicultural environment. The University offers small classes in a wide variety of disciplines taught by faculty from leading British and American institutions in fully accredited BA, BS and MA programs. During the academic year, students come to Richmond from more than 100 different countries, although the summer school is predominantly American. Small classes and personal attention from the faculty, an extensive extracurricular program and a wide range of courses make Richmond an ideal summer study choice.

Richmond is an independent, co-educational, non-profit international liberal arts and professional studies University. The original Richmond College, founded in 1843, was a constituent institution of the University of London until the founding in 1970 of the present University which bears its name and occupies its site. The University is accredited by the Commission on Higher Education of the Middle States Association of Colleges and Schools, one of the regional accrediting bodies recognized by the U.S. Department of Education. It was the first university in the U.K. or the U.S. to be fully accredited by the higher education authorities of both countries. Its degrees are licensed by the Department of Education in the state of Delaware and are also designated by the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills of Her Majesty’s Government in the U.K.

Program Options

Both the 9-week and 12-week Internship Programs are designed to provide an integrated learning experience of a high academic standard, combining classroom study and an internship placement for a total of 9 or 12 semester credits. Students will spend 50% of their time in the workplace and 50% in classroom-based study and research. Students on the 9-week Program take a required Contemporary British Culture course, internship seminars and unpaid internship and select one additional course from those listed in the 9-week Program section. Students on the 12-week Internship Program take two 3-credit courses of their choice for the first 6 weeks of the program and in the remaining 6 weeks participate in internship seminars and a full-time unpaid internship with regular academic analysis of workplace issues.

9-Week Program

First three weeks Students take the required course Contemporary British Culture (SCL 5450) which continues on selected Fridays during the placement, plus 1 x 3-week course from the Session A course list. The Contemporary British Culture course is taught in the afternoon so students need to select a Session A course that is taught in the morning. Students must also be available for interviews during these three weeks.

Following six weeks Internship placements 3 days per week, continuation of Contemporary British Culture and internship seminars on Fridays or in the evening, meetings with advisor to discuss research paper and presentations on internships.

12-Week Program

First six weeks Students take two 3-credit classroom-based courses of their choice from those listed here. Students can select either:

1 x 3-week course from the Session A course list plus 1 x 3-week course from the Session B course list


2 x 6-week courses from the 6-week course list

Students must also be available for interviews during these six weeks.

Following six weeks Internship placements Monday through Friday, and occasional internship seminars and meetings with advisor to discuss research paper and presentations on internships.

On the Internship Program students will:

  • Experience and participate in international, intercultural learning and friendships
  • Develop personal skills and strengths that improve confidence as well as future employment opportunities
  • Work in a different culture
  • Develop a strong resumé
  • Participate in career opportunity networking

The objective of the Internship Program is to provide a learning experience of a high academic standard that focuses on the realities of a multicultural and interdependent world. International work experience offers a student the opportunity to test personal interests, abilities and a career field. An international internship also provides a valuable cultural perspective and the opportunity for interns to experience other approaches and viewpoints in the workplace.

Internship staff and your Richmond internship faculty advisor advise and support you throughout the program in individual meetings and seminars. Internships are arranged by the Internship staff and the student, after the staff has met the student and assessed his/her eligibility based on skills, interests and abilities in relation to what the business is seeking. Internships are routinely and formally monitored. All academic aspects of the program are monitored by Deans and faculty advisors.

The ideal internship placement is a coordination between the skills and personality that an organization is seeking and those which a student presents. Each student should approach the program with cultural awareness and flexibility; this will enable the internship office to identify suitable organizations at which the student may intern. Placements are made with both small and large organizations, and selection is based on a number of criteria. Please note: Students must attend interviews with suitable organizations; this is a competitive process. Final selection is always at the discretion of the organization and the Internship Program is not able to honor specific requests to join a particular organization or guarantee that students will be successful at interviewing.

Internship locations The University is able to arrange internships in a wide range of private companies and public organizations depending on your academic major, interests and suitability. London has an extensive bus and subway network that allows travel easily and quickly throughout the city. Interns use public transportation to travel to and from work and should budget around $200 per month for this.

Academic Overview and Policies

Internship Program, consisting of classroom-based courses and a resumé-building internship.

Please note: Students may continue in the fall semester or academic year. The summer session may also be added to the previous spring semester

Academic administration is carried out by the Academic Deans under the supervision of the Richmond Provost. Instructors are drawn from Richmond, the colleges of the University of London, other London institutions of higher education and other professions.

Assessment and grading The course work required varies with the nature of the material covered. Instructors are likely to use some combination of quizzes, papers, presentations, projects, and final exams. Grades are awarded by instructors on a 4.0 scale, which assigns values to pluses and minuses within the letter grade awards:

A Outstanding achievement
B Achievement above that necessary to complete the course requirements
C Satisfactory
D Work barely meets requirements
F Fail
I Incomplete (this grade may stand only for one week after completion of the course)
W Withdraw

No AIFS participant is permitted to take a course without receiving a letter grade. Pass/Fail grade options are not available.

Attendance is required to receive full credit. Students exceeding the permitted number of absences may lose all or partial credit. Classes are scheduled Monday through Friday. Students are not permitted to take final exams early.

Course selection Courses taken for transfer credit should be approved by your advisor or appropriate person at your home school prior to registration.

Before securing approval of courses from your advisor, note prerequisites on the Richmond website and be sure to have completed them. Failure to do so may result in your registration being refused by the Academic Director.

Consult your advisor about suitable alternatives in case your first choices are not possible because of insufficient enrollment causing class cancellation.

Registration Since courses are selected on the application, the earlier you apply, the better the chances of getting the courses you want. If your first choices are not available or already full, you are automatically registered for your second choices. A printout confirming courses is given at orientation.

Courses run providing there is sufficient enrollment (a minimum of 8 students is required). Provisional confirmation of courses to be taught can be obtained in April from the AIFS Stamford office.
Limited changes may be necessary before a session starts.

Courses may be dropped or added during the first two days of each session.

Transcripts are issued by Richmond, the American International University in London. One official copy of the transcript will be mailed to the student’s home college or university.

see course descriptions

If you are studying on a customized, faculty-led program through your home institution, please see the AIFS Partnerships website for details.