AIFS Study Travel Policies

AIFS Travel

Round-trip airfare from a wide choice of cities is available for AIFS programs. To qualify for optional AIFS flights, students must meet application and payment deadlines.

Full year students choosing the AIFS Flight Package will receive a round-trip ticket returning on the scheduled return date for the spring semester. Full year students wishing to use their return ticket at the end of the fall semester may purchase an additional round-trip flight to return to campus for spring semester through AIFS.

Students failing to request flights upon application and/or meet deadlines will be required to pay a late transportation fee of $250 with any subsequent written flight request or make their own travel arrangements at their expense. Subsequent flight changes are subject to applicable fees. Availability of seats on flights is not guaranteed by the late fee, and students may be required to pay a fare differential.

If you wish to travel on an AIFS flight you must be sure to give your full name EXACTLY AS IT APPEARS ON YOUR PASSPORT by the application deadline. If you give an incomplete or incorrect name, you will be responsible for any financial penalties incurred or flight tickets cancelled. This is due to TSA security regulations.

Students who miss an AIFS flight due to illness or due to a delay in receiving a student visa are responsible for any related flight change and ticketing fees.

Dual Campus Students are responsible for their own travel arrangements from the first to the second campus. These students can purchase a round-trip flight with AIFS arriving at the first campus and departing from the second. Additional alternate return city/date fees apply.

Airport Transfers
Transfers to and from campus are included for students on the AIFS Flight Package, but only on the scheduled arrival/departure dates and from the local airport as indicated in the program-specific catalog chapters. Transfer from the arrival airport to campus is not included for students who miss their AIFS flight on the scheduled departure date and arrive at a different airport and/or on a date other than the scheduled arrival date and arrival city (including rescheduled flights booked through AIFS). Students who miss their flight must arrange their own transportation from the arrival airport to campus and incur all consequent costs. This includes, but is not limited to, students who miss an AIFS flight due to illness or a delay in receiving a student visa.

Students who are scheduled to depart the U.S. on an AIFS flight that is cancelled or delayed due to inclement weather or airline-mechanical reasons will be met abroad and transferred to campus. Airport transfers are not included for students who make their own travel arrangements.

Students will receive preliminary itineraries after acceptance. Final itineraries and e-ticket information will be sent approximately two weeks prior to departure to participants who have met all requirements. Students failing to meet deadlines will be required to pay a late transportation fee of $250 or make their own flight arrangements at their expense. Availability of seats on the AIFS flights is not guaranteed by the late fee, and students may be required to pay a fare differential.

While return travel dates may be changed, tickets are good only for the airline issuing tickets. Passengers who miss a flight may take the next available one on the same airline, subject to airline approval. “No shows” do not receive a refund. Neither AIFS nor the airline will accept responsibility for missed connections from/to flights not booked by AIFS.

Passengers may not combine these tickets with other promotional fares or offerings of any type. Fares are subject to change without notice. However, once confirmed and fully paid, program prices are guaranteed.

Dates, prices and program descriptions in this catalog constitute a part of the contract between AIFS and the participant. Your final itinerary provided prior to departure constitutes the actual program to be provided by AIFS Study Abroad.

International flights

For international travel, liability for passenger baggage varies by airline. Passengers should request complete terms governing airline liability limitation from each airline of their journey upon receipt of final itinerary and/or at check-in. These allowances and policies are subject to change without notice. It is the responsibility of the passenger to file claims for lost/damaged baggage directly with the airline(s). Equipment, routing and itinerary may be modified by the direct air carrier or AIFS. Alternative aircraft of any carrier may be substituted at any time, and aircraft may make additional stops. Such changes will not constitute a right to cancellation or refund. Single plane service is not guaranteed. Please note we are unable to take requests for specific flights, upgrades or specific seats.


You must obtain your own passport. You should apply for (or renew) your passport as soon as you decide to study abroad. Some countries require passports to be valid for six months or a year beyond the end of the program (18 months for Russia). To apply for or renew a passport you must:

  • Obtain an application from a passport office, state or federal court with naturalization jurisdiction, or local post office.
  • Submit proof of citizenship (birth certificate with raised seal), proof of identity (driver’s license or similar document), two identical passport-size photos (2” x 2”), any other requested information and payment of the required fee.
  • Apply early for your program and immediately for a passport.

Please consult the following website for more detailed information:

Non-U.S. citizens: It is your responsibility to research and obtain any necessary travel documentation for your program, including visas (if applicable).

You should have your valid passport by the application deadlines for your program.


Visa requirements and deadlines vary depending on the location and length of stay. Please contact your Program Advisor or Program Manager upon acceptance to the program for more information.