AIFS Study Abroad Program Details

Student Conduct Guidelines

Standards of conduct help to ensure satisfaction with the program. Because AIFS programs depend on the good will of host universities, you are required to observe campus regulations and customs relating to students at the university of your choice. AIFS, its Resident Directors and coordinators are in charge of the welfare and behavior of students. Students are expected to cooperate with staff and acceptresponsibility for adult standards of behavior. Students must obey the laws of the host country.

Probation & Dismissal
Students who fail to maintain standards of conduct and academic achievement may be removed from AIFS accommodation or be dismissed without refund.

Students dismissed because of academic or disciplinary standing forfeit all academic credit. A professor may fail a student because of excessive unexcused absences, as well as by examination or other evaluation.

In cases of misconduct, a student may be warned, placed on non-academic probation, academically withdrawn or dismissed from the program as the circumstances warrant. The decision of the Director of AIFS Study Abroad is final.

Full Participation
in the academic program is required. Failure to attend class and complete required assignments and tasks is grounds for dismissal without refund.

Alcohol & Drugs
Abuse of alcohol and use of illegal drugs and prescription drugs not prescribed to the student are grounds for dismissal without refund. Students must obey the laws of the host country.

Motor Vehicles
The use of motorized vehicles, including rental cars, motorcycles and motor scooters/mopeds is strongly discouraged. Students considering independent travel that involves rented vehicles are advised to use services that include locally licensed professional drivers.

Rude, Aggressive & Offensive Behavior
AIFS will not tolerate rude, aggressive or offensive behavior, or verbal abuse towards AIFS staff, host families, other program participants or academic staff. Students who do not maintain acceptable standards of behavior may be removed from AIFS accommodations or removed from the program without refund.

Independent Travel
Students traveling outside of the program location must inform their Resident Director of their travel plans.

Housing Regulations
Students must conform with the dormitory and apartment regulations or the customs of the homestay family. Unmarried couples may not live together in AIFS accommodations. In addition, some families and residences will not accept married couples. Married couples should plan to provide their own accommodations. They will receive a rebate. Students who decide to move out of AIFS housing after the program has started receive no refund.

AIFS reserves the right to communicate with a studentís home institution and/ or parents on matters related to student behavior, health, safety or academic performance.