AIFS Study Abroad Program Details

AIFS Insurance & Team Assistance Packages

(Included in the program fee)
AIFS provides the most comprehensive medical and program/tuition refund package available to students studying abroad. The plan is administered by Cultural Insurance Services International (CISI). CISI is the leader in providing insurance coverage to the international education sector, currently providing insurance coverage, travel/technical/medical assistance and claim paying services to more than 100,000 international students and cultural exchange participants worldwide. It covers you for the duration of your program, plus up to one month of independent travel after the program. Students will receive an individual insurance policy describing the coverage in detail. Please check this carefully as some exclusions and limitations apply - for example pre-existing medical conditions are not covered.

Medical and baggage insurance
Coverage is provided by ACE American Insurance Company. All claims are processed on a fast track basis by CISI staff. Medical claims are subject to a $50 deductable per occurrence.

The coverage includes the following:

  • Medical expenses while abroad
    The insurance covers medical bills up to a maximum of $250,000 for each medically covered illness or accident abroad for up to 52 weeks from the date of such illness or injury. Pre-existing complaints are not covered. Among items covered are treatment by a physician or surgeon, nurse fees, x-rays, ambulance, therapeutic services, operations, drugs and medicines prescribed by a physician, hospital room and board (semi-private accommodations). Unlike other plans, the AIFS student plan settles claims abroad, in your host countryís respective currency. This facilitates immediate entry to a hospital for treatment. Treatments must of course be documented. The Resident Director helps with administrative matters concerning claims. Each campus has a doctor and infirmary available to handle minor ailments. The Resident Director arranges for students requiring treatment for more serious illnesses and accidents to receive immediate attention from the recommended university doctor and hospital in the area.
  • Mental health coverage
    The insurance plan covers mental or nervous disorders up to $500 for outpatient treatment or up to $10,000 for inpatient treatment per lifetime. See Plan of Insurance brochure for further details.
  • Baggage insurance
    Personal effects are covered up to $1,000 with a $50 deductible. Electronic equipment to include laptops are covered up to $500. Some exclusions apply. Please see the Plan of Insurance for further details. Students are advised not to travel with expensive items unless essential.
  • Medical cancellation insurance
    If after any scheduled payment has been made, but before departure, you are prevented from embarking on your trip because of either 1) covered accidental bodily injuries, disease or covered sickness for which you are under care of a legally qualified physician or surgeon or 2) quarantine at the place of residence or epidemic in the area of travel, the plan will reimburse the insured for payments in excess of the non-refundable deposit and application fee of $395 and any flight, tuition and housing cancellation fees.
  • Return airfare expense
    If you travel on an AIFS flight, this plan will cover the cost up to a maximum of $1,000 of your return air transportation on a regularly scheduled commercial flight (tourist class) to the original AIFS point of departure if you are unable to complete the program for any reason outlined under the Program cancellation insurance. A certificate of illness from a physician, other than a relative or member of your household, is necessary in making claims.

Students should contact their doctor or Board of Health to see if immunizations are needed.

The AIFS insurance program provides participants with a world-wide 24-hour emergency telephone assistance service. Multilingual help and advice may be furnished for the participant in the event of any emergency during the term of coverage. Assistance services include: Medical monitoring, prescription drug replacement/shipment, emergency message transmittals, coverage verification/payment assistance for medical expenses. Travel assistance services include: Obtaining emergency cash, traveler check replacement, lost/delayed luggage tracking, replacement of lost or stolen airline ticket, credit card/ passport/important document replacement.

In addition your plan provides for:

  • Emergency Medical Evacuation/Repatriation
    The Company shall pay Covered Expenses up to $100,000 of any covered injury or illness commencing during the Period of Coverage results in the Medically Necessary Emergency Medical Evacuation or Repatriation of the Insured Person. The decision for an Emergency Medical Evacuation or Repatriation must be ordered by the Assistance Company in consultation with the Insured Personís local attending Physician.
  • Return of Mortal Remains or Cremation
    The Company will pay Covered Expenses up to $50,000 for the return of the Insured Personís remains to his/her current Home Country, if he or she dies.
  • Security Evacuation Benefit
    The Company shall pay benefits up to $100,000, in the event of specified occurrences such as political unrest and physical threats. To view the policy details and download a brochure go to