AIFS Study Abroad Program Details

Academic Credit

Most U.S. universities and colleges recognize AIFS programs for academic credit. Since foreign universities do not use the same credit system as U.S. schools, there are certain procedures all AIFS participants should follow.

Each U.S. college or university has its own policy on the acceptance of transfer credits. AIFS does not grant credit itself, nor do foreign universities evaluate studentsí progress by the awarding of academic credit, the system used by U.S. colleges and universities. Many European universities use the European Credit Transfer System (ECTS) with 6 ECTS credits typically being equivalent to 3 U.S. credits. AIFS serves in an advisory capacity to U.S. institutions about the foreign equivalences and the amount of credit to award for academic work completed abroad. Transcripts are issued by the host institution, not AIFS.

To obtain credit for January Term work, arrangements must be made with the home institution before departure abroad to determine whether credit will be granted for courses offered, and to learn which documents are required from the foreign university to ensure credit. Students should meet with their faculty advisor to discuss courses and placement in foreign language programs. The advisor may suggest further meetings with the appropriate official.

To evaluate a foreign study program, U.S. college administrators require a transcript giving details such as dates of enrollment, courses taken, number of hours per week in each course, etc. All AIFS students are given transcripts for their work issued by the host university abroad. If you have outstanding charges, your transcripts will be withheld until accounts are settled.

Only the U.S. institution can evaluate work overseas, and in all cases, only the U.S. institution can decide to award transfer credit. Most U.S. institutions grant credit for study abroad provided students contact them before departure and successfully complete the necessary examinations at the foreign university and obtain a proper transcript.

How to apply for transfer credit

Programs Taught by Foreign Universities
Students currently enrolled in a U.S. college may be granted transfer credit by their own college or university if they apply for approval from the proper authorities at their academic institution before the start of the program. Students should speak with the appropriate officials at their college or university.

Graduating high school seniors should check with the universities they plan to attend to determine whether credits will transfer. All students receive a transcript directly from the foreign university.