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Courses - January Term 2021

Classes are taught Monday through Friday for 4 hours per day a total of 45 hours. Choose one course from those listed below.

ART 313 (3) | The Story of Prague: Ten Centuries of Architectural Heritage

An introduction to the city of Prague as a specific cultural and social milieu, seen through the lens of its artists, architects and their works. It intends to inspire an interest in the unique blend of storytelling and legend that underpins much of the city’s character and history. The scope of the course includes the major periods of European architectural development: from medieval to modern, as well as aspects specifically reflecting the history and heritage of the Czech nation. In structuring the course according to artistic styles and movements, it is hoped that students will recognize the ways in which artists of widely varying origins and temperaments responded to, influenced, or disrupted the artistic conventions of the day, and

HIST 327 (3) | Czechs in the Age of Extremes

An introduction to modern Czech history. During the so-called ‘Age of Extremes’, there were two major sources of social conflict in the area of Bohemian Lands – nationalism and dictatorships. Starting with the formation of modern Czech nationalism in the second half of the 19th century, we then examine Czech history in the 20th century. Students will read the most significant and recently published historiographical works. We will debate important themes of modern European history such as nationalism, fascism, and communism and at the same time, the course will focus on the development of modern Czech society.