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Study Abroad in Prague: Living Abroad

Housing and Meals

Student Residence Hall

  • Shared double room
  • Shared bathroom and kitchenette
  • 24-hour reception


  • Meal allowance worth $800

Wi-Fi Internet access is included in all AIFS housing in Prague

Housing Options

Student Residence Hall

You will live in a student residence, conveniently located within easy reach of stores, restaurants and the metro station, and share a double room with another AIFS student. Each room has a kitchenette in addition to shared full kitchen facilities on each floor. The housing includes free Wi-Fi as well as 24-hour security. There are also laundry facilities on site.


You will be given a meal allowance worth $800 to subsidize the cost of purchasing meals and groceries which students find a great help when managing their living costs in Prague. The meal allowance is intended for use in local Czech restaurants and the University cafeteria or to purchase food to cook meals in the student residence. Students may opt out of the meal allowance and pay a reduced program fee of $12,695, or $13,495 on the Internship Program.

Independent Living

Students who wish to arrange their own housing should contact their AIFS Admissions Officer before the program payment deadline for further information on Prague housing agencies and to find out the value of the program fee rebate.

Cell Phones and Transportation Pass

All AIFS Prague students receive a cell phone or Czech SIM card with starting credit for use while in Europe and a travel pass for use on Prague’s excellent public transport system.

Sports Facilities

The University has its own sports facilities and AIFS students may sign up for fitness classes and team sports.

Cultural Activities

In addition to excursions a cultural calendar of weekly activities and social events is included in your program fee. These activities will include both typical tourist sites and attractions and lesser known visits which take advantage of the expert knowledge of our local AIFS staff and give you a more authentic and insightful view of Czech life. Typical activities, tours and visits include:

  • Visit to a Bohemian glassworks factory
  • A boat cruise on the Vltava River
  • Prague city walks focusing on different neighborhoods
  • Visits to the Jewish Museum, synagogues and cemetery
  • Opera, theater, ballet and concert visits
  • Sports events such as hockey and soccer games
  • Yoga sessions and climbing
  • Visits to famous Prague cafés
  • Czech Buddy program offered through the University’s International Club for language practice and exchange
  • Castle trips and day trips to other towns such as Plzen and days out in the countryside including hiking trips
  • Off the beaten track events such as concerts, festivals and markets which take you off the tourist trail to venues attended by Czech locals
  • Czech related and seasonal events such as Czech Christmas cookie baking and folklore crafts

You may be asked to pay a small supplementary fee for some events.

Volunteering and Non-Credit Internship Opportunities

AIFS can arrange volunteer activities and non-credit internship placements across a variety of fields and within a range of organizations. Recent offerings have included:

  • Production, marketing, IT and administrative assistant placements with the Prague Shakespeare Company
  • Home economics assistant with Jedlička Institute and schools for physically disabled people
  • Art class and English assistant in school for visually impaired students
  • Teaching English in elementary schools in Prague
  • Production assistant at Mezipatra Festival

Interested students should contact the Resident Director directly once they have been accepted into the program.

AIFS in Prague Resident Director, Academic Year and Semester Programs

AIFS Resident Director

Renata Sluneckova

AIFS Prague Office
Vodickova 28
110 00 Prague 1, Czech Republic

Phone: +420 224 162 006

Hello everybody, I am sending you my best wishes from Prague, my home for more than 20 years. I received my Master's degree from Palackeho University in Olomouc, Czech Republic, and before joining AIFS in 2014 I worked for the Open Media Institute in Prague, the partner organization of Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty, making local arrangements for BBC film crews and for journalists based in Prague.

My experience of living in different parts of the Czech Republic means I am a great resource for you when you are in Prague. You will find me in the AIFS office, right in the center of the city, a short walk from the University classroom buildings and the main attractions of this most beautiful city.

The Resident Director provides academic advice, introduces you to the community and handles communication with the University.

AIFS Campus Staff with First Aid Training

Because health and safety are top priorities at AIFS, at least one member of the staff at this campus has taken a first aid course in order to be available to help any student until a doctor or nurse can provide help. This is just one of many services that we provide to our students.