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Choose one of the courses listed. Classes are taught Monday through Friday for a total of 45 hours.

Spanish Language Courses

Spanish 101 | Beginner Spanish (3)

Beginner Spanish students will learn to understand basic phrases and vocabulary regarding personal and familiar information. Reading materials will include brief and simple texts, publicity, menus and schedules, personal texts and emails. Students will be able to refer to actions in the present, past and future in the simple forms and with a limited vocabulary and to describe their family, places and things to others.

Spanish 102 | Elementary Spanish (3)

Elementary Spanish students will learn to comprehend speech and communicate regarding simple, everyday tasks and activities related to work, studies, free time activities, etc. Students will be able to find specific information in written texts such as publicity, instructions, menus and schedules. Students will be able to refer to present, past and future actions, describe family and other persons, conditions of life, studies and work– present or past.

Spanish 201 | Intermediate Spanish (3)

Intermediate Spanish students will be able to understand speech at a normal speed when dealing with known topics. Students will be able to identify the main theme when listening to radio or television programs. Students will explain, argue and justify opinions on topics of current events, personal or professional issues. Students will be able to refer to present, past and future actions where they express hypotheses, possibilities, feelings, wishes and state of mind.

Spanish 301 | Advanced Spanish (3)

Advanced Spanish students will be able to understand conferences, radio, television, and complex argumentative lines of speech about known subjects. Students will read articles, reports and essays regarding contemporary problems in which they can adopt concrete points of view. Students will read prose and poetry and participate in conversations with fluency and spontaneity, facilitating communication with native speakers. Students will explain, argue, justify and defend their points of view during daily debates on everyday situations.

Spanish 401 | Superior Spanish (3)

Superior Spanish students will comprehend extended speeches without clear structure; understand television programs, radio and movies clearly. Students will be able to understand long and complex literary texts and express themselves with fluency and spontaneity using Spanish with flexibility and efficiency for social and professional means as well as form ideas and opinions with precision and adequately related to the interventions of the other speakers.