Study Abroad in San Jose, Costa Rica

Study Abroad in San José: Academics

Veritas University

Veritas University was founded in 1975 as a college of the Universidad Autónoma de Centroamérica, the first private university in Costa Rica. In 1991, Veritas University became an independent university and has since grown to become one of the most highly regarded private universities in the Latin American academic community with a student population of over 2,000. Veritas is fully accredited by the Costa Rican Ministry of Education and is a member of NAFSA and the College Consortium for International Studies. It has an urban campus, equipped with modern facilities, including computer labs, a well-maintained library and a cafeteria.

Program Options

Students on the 4-week programs (Sessions 1 and 2) take an intensive Spanish language course, available at all levels. Standard Veritas language courses are 80 contact hours and are recommended for 5 semester credits. For students from institutions requiring 6-credit language courses there may be the option of doing additional language hours for extra credit for a supplemental fee. This is only available during Session 2. Please discuss with your Admissions Officer upon application.

The use of authentic and practical contexts facilitates the acquisition of vocabulary and grammatical structures. Students are coached in the analysis of linguistic and extra-linguistic elements during reading and writing practices.

Each Spanish course is taught for 20 hours per week from Monday through Friday, from 8am-12pm over 4 weeks. Students will be placed into the appropriate level determined by a written test taken online prior to departure from the U.S. and an oral test taken via Skype. All courses are subject to a minimum enrollment of 5 students. There is a maximum of 12 students per language class.

Session 2 students can either take a regular Spanish language course or a specialized Spanish for Health or Law Enforcement Professionals course. Advanced level students have the option of taking Business Spanish, Cultural Heritage in Latin America or Techniques of Oral Expression.

Choose Session 1, Session 2 or both and stay for 8 weeks and earn up to 10 credits.Although not guaranteed, students can expect to advance to the next language level for the second session.

Students on this program take Spanish Language for Health Professionals and one health care elective taught in English. The Spanish language course is 80 contact hours and recommended for 5 semester credits. Health care electives are for a total of 48 or 60 hours and recommended for 3 or 4 credits.

Students on this program can take a regular Spanish language or Spanish for Law Enforcement Professionals course and one elective course taught in English (see page 49 for options), or an elective course taught in Spanish (see Spanish Language courses for options) for a total of up to 9 credits.

Advanced level students have the further option of taking a Spanish for Business course.

Courses for 4 credits comprise 48 hours of classes plus mandatory field trips; totaling 60 hours. Field trips provide onsite examples of some of the topics learned through class work and readings. Courses for 3 credits and total 48 contact hours. All courses are subject to a minimum enrollment of 5 students.

Electives are taught in English unless otherwise stated.

Academic Overview & Policies

Placement for Spanish courses Students will be placed into the appropriate level determined by a written test taken online prior to departure from the U.S. and an oral test taken via Skype.

Credit In order to ensure that you receive credit for the Spanish level that you are placed into, we recommend that you have courses at several levels approved by your academic advisor at your home school prior to registration. Many foreign institutions have higher standards for assessing language levels of students than you might expect in a U.S. institution.

Attendance is mandatory and students are only allowed to have one excused absence. If a student is absent more than one day he/she will automatically fail the course and lose the academic credits.

Grades No AIFS participant is permitted to take a course without receiving a letter grade. Pass/Fail grade options are not available.

Transcripts will be issued by Veritas University. One official copy will be sent to the student’s home institution on completion of the program.

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