Study Abroad in Sao Paulo, Brazil

Study Abroad in Sao Paulo: Living Abroad

Housing and Meals


  • Double room
  • Shared bathroom


  • Double room
  • Shared bathroom and kitchen facilities

Meal Allowance

  • For both homestay students and students living in the student house to subsidize the cost of purchasing groceries and meals valued at $1,000

Internet access is included in all AIFS housing in So Paulo


The homestay experience can be the most rewarding part of your time abroad. It is the best way to learn Portuguese, gain a unique and personal insight into Brazilian culture and integrate into the local community. Many students keep in touch with their hosts after they return to the U.S.

You will live with a local family located close to campus. All homestays are within walking distance of the University. You will share a bedroom with another student and there may be other international students living in your homestay. All homes have Internet facilities and there is privacy for study.

Student Apartment

Students who prefer to live more independently can choose to live in a shared student apartment located near the University. The house has a fully-equipped kitchen where you can prepare meals, double bedrooms and several bathrooms. You will share with another AIFS student and there may be other international students living in the apartment.

Meal Allowance

Meals are not provided. All students receive a meal allowance, valued at $1,000 to subsidize the cost of purchasing groceries and meals. Students find this a great help when managing their budget. The University cafeteria is a popular place for students to eat and the AIFS Resident Director will advise you on cheap places to shop for food and eat out.

Students who wish to can opt out of the meal allowance and pay a reduced program fee of $11,995.

Cultural Activities

In addition to day trips and excursions a cultural calendar of weekly activities and social events is included in your program fee. These activities will include both typical tourist sites and attractions and lesser known visits which take advantage of the expert knowledge of our local AIFS staff and give you a more authentic and insightful view of Brazilian life. Typical activities, tours and visits include:

  • guided tour of the historical center of São Paulo
  • the Municipal market
  • the major art museums
  • social activities with local Brazilians
  • Festa Junina and the Aula Gastronomia Brasiliera
  • samba dance classes
  • capoeira classes
  • soccer lessons

You may be asked to pay a small additional fee for some of the activities above.

Volunteer Opportunities

You can give back to the local community by undertaking volunteer work with children and elderly people or on other social projects within So Paulo. Placements are made after arrival in Brazil and in discussion with the AIFS Resident Director. Students who combine this with additional language exchange activities, assisting language learning in the local community can gain a special Global Exchange Certificate. For more information, contact the AIFS Admissions Officer.

AIFS in São Paulo Resident Director, Academic Year and Semester Programs

AIFS Resident Director

Leticia Carvalho Malaguti

Fundação Armando Alvares Penteado (FAAP Brazil)
Exchange Advisor
International Office

Phone: +55 (11) 3662-7645

Hello everyone! If you are thinking about studying in Brazil São Paulo is definitely the right place! As the business center of the country, with numerous restaurants, theaters and museums and 11 million residents it is the perfect place to meet new people and discover new cultures.

I have a Bachelor's degree in Business Administration and am currently working on my graduate degree in International affairs at FAAP. I also work at FAAP as a Project Developer/Exchange Advisor. I love working here; the environment is really special! I have been working with exchange students since 2009 and I love meeting people from all around the world.

I look forward to welcoming you soon.

The Resident Director provides academic advice, introduces you to the community and handles communication with the University.