Study Abroad in Salzburg, Austria

Study Abroad in Salzburg: Academics

Academic Programs

Courses include: anthropology, art history, business, economics, German language, history, international relations, literature, music, philosophy, politics, sociology

Program Options

This program is designed for students wishing to take electives in international relations, business and economics, arts and humanities and German language. The majority of courses are taught in English apart from German language and some music and history courses. All students take a 2-week German language orientation course at the start of the program for 2 credits. You can then take up to 5 semester courses. Each course is recommended for 3-4 semester credits. Classes are held Monday through Friday. AIFS strongly encourages students to take a German language course as one of their 3-credit courses for a full cultural immersion experience and to enable you to participate in all aspects of University life but it is not required. A placement test on-site will determine the language course appropriate to your level.

No AIFS participant is permitted to take a course without receiving a letter grade.

Session/Term Credits Requirements
Fall or Spring Semester up to 17 2.5 GPA; German language not required

University of Salzburg

Founded in 1622, the University of Salzburg achieved great prestige and was one of the most famous universities of 17th and 18th century Europe. Today this public university has a student population of approximately 18,000 and is firmly integrated into the cultural and economic life of Salzburg. An interdisciplinary Department of International Relations and Political Science draws students from around the world to meet with faculty and each other to help solve the problems of the 21st century. Faculty from this department teach classes in English exclusively for AIFS students. You can study effects of trade agreements and multinational corporations on development, or how to solve international conflicts.