Study Abroad in Buenos Aires, Argentina - Second Language Acquisition

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Study Abroad in Buenos Aires: Courses

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Students take both courses below. Classes are held Monday through Thursday for 6 weeks. The theoretical classes take place in the morning and the internship in the afternoon. The transcript will show 60 contact hours for each course.

SPAN 399 (4) | Second Language Acquisition Teaching Assistant Placement

This 60-hour community-based course combines coursework with a teaching assistantship in a bilingual elementary school. The professional experience will be academically directed, supervised by a university faculty member and students will conduct a research project. TAs will work closely with the school teacher engaging in school life 12 hours per week. They will also meet the faculty member once a week to discuss both the assignments and the research project. The practical work at the school has two purposes: to get a meaningful insight on how a second language is acquired in childhood, and to gain a critical reflection about the Content and Language Integrated Learning (CLIL) methodology used in bilingual schools in Buenos Aires.

SPAN 499 (4) | Enseñanza del Español como Segunda Lengua/Teaching Spanish as a Second Language

This 60-hour course is designed for future teachers of Spanish as a Second Language (SSL). Trainee teachers will discuss mandatory theoretical readings, carry out class observations, write lesson plans and reports and manage different learning activities during an SSL class. All this will be recorded in a final dossier. Trainees will have the opportunity to work closely with a faculty specialized in second language acquisition and compare methodologies and teach on an immersion program. This program can accommodate students at the MA level (INT 599/SPAN 599) with additional requirements.

Download Study Abroad Resources!

Download Study Abroad Resources!

Download Study Abroad Resources!