Study Abroad in Buenos Aires, Argentina

Study Abroad in Buenos Aires: Academics

Academic Programs

Courses include: art, business, cultural studies, economics, film, history, international relations, literature, political science, sociology, Spanish language

Program Options

The Latin American Studies with Spanish program is designed for students wishing to begin or advance their Spanish skills and gain a solid understanding and knowledge of Argentine and Latin American history, business, politics and culture by taking electives in either Spanish or English. Courses are primarily aimed at international students. Students wishing to take courses with local students should consider the Immersion Program (below).

You can earn up to 16 recommended semester credits depending on your course selection. Spanish is available from Beginner to Advanced for a recommended 3 or 4 credits depending on the level. Then choose 3 or 4 elective courses taught in English and Spanish. Students wishing to take electives taught in Spanish must place into the Intermediate level or above. Electives are generally worth 3 semester credits each.

The appropriate Spanish level is determined by an online test taken prior to arrival in Buenos Aires.

Session/Term Credits Requirements
Fall or Spring Semester up to 16 2.75 GPA
Early Start Fall or Spring Semester 6 2.75 GPA

Students who have an Advanced level of Spanish can take courses at the University of Belgrano with local students. Students can choose from a wide variety of courses from many different departments including accounting, computer science, engineering, health and exercise science, international relations, journalism, math, psychology, and more.

All students are required to take a Spanish placement test before arrival to determine their level. Students who test into an Advanced level will be able to select from the enhanced list of courses taught in Spanish with local students. Students are advised to take a Spanish language course plus 2 to 4 elective courses in Spanish for a maximum course load of 16 credits. Most courses carry a recommended 3 semester credits. Classes are held Monday through Friday. Students can opt to take just two courses with local students and the rest from the Latin American Studies with Spanish Program taught in English and Spanish. The Immersion Program is longer than the Latin American Studies Program and the dates are subject to change depending on the schedule at the University of Belgrano.

Session/Term Credits Requirements
Fall or Spring Semester up to 16 2.75 GPA
Early StartFall or Spring Semester 6 2.75 GPA

You can opt to take a 4-week Intensive Spanish Language course prior to the start of the semester to help you get a head start in adjusting to the new language and culture and to prepare for the placement exam for the semester. The Intensive Spanish Language course is recommended for an additional 6 credits.

University of Belgrano

Founded in 1964 by its current President Dr. Avelino Porto, the University of Belgrano is one of the oldest and largest private universities in Argentina. International students play a vital role in the community life of the University which hosts over 2,500 students from over 40 different countries every year. In the last ten years Belgrano has received international students from 90 out of the top 100 U.S. universities.

The mission of the International Department is to prepare students for professional life as a global citizen. Alongside professional skills, students gain a deep and interdisciplinary understanding of Argentina and Latin America. The semester programs have been tailor-made for the needs of international students without diminishing the opportunity for students to meet and interact with Argentine students.

The University is equipped with modern facilities including computer labs, library and bookstore, WiFi Internet access and more. A rich variety of cultural activities is offered by the International Department and the wider University making a welcoming, supportive and varied learning environment.

The campus is located in one of the smartest and most cosmopolitan neighborhoods of the capital amongst wide tree-lined avenues, museums and mansions. Although within a few minutes journey time of downtown Buenos Aires, the area of Belgrano feels like a separate town, somewhat removed from the hustle and bustle of the city center, making it the ideal location to live and study.