Faculty and Advisors

Why do Institutions Work with AIFS?

We already have study abroad programs, so why encourage students to participate in AIFS programs?

We recognize the fact that you may not wish to "compete" with AIFS, and we have a simple solution.  You can choose to offer only non-competing programs to your students and still encourage participating in AIFS programs in areas of the world where your institution does not offer a program. You may treat the competitive issue just as you would treat programs sponsored by other U.S. colleges.

Once there is a decision to work with AIFS, Affiliates distribute the AIFS catalog to interested students, facilitate the transfer of credit, invite AIFS to study abroad fairs, display posters in prominent locations, advise AIFS on potential program offerings, arrange student meetings and generally become knowledgeable about AIFS college programs.

Most Affiliates facilitate the use of financial aid for its students who are eligible.