Faculty and Advisors

Faculty Development Program (FDA)

If you are a faculty member at a U.S. institution and you enroll six or more students in an AIFS summer program, you are provided the opportunity to accompany them as a coordinator with no additional expenditure of institutional resources.  The program allows you ample time to pursue your research interests, improve your language skills, concentrate on the international dimensions of your discipline and benefit from the intellectual stimulation and overall revitalization that living in an international setting provides.

How does the AIFS Faculty Development Program work?

When a minimum of six participants is enrolled in an AIFS summer program, the sending institution receives a stipend to enable a faculty member to accompany the group for free.  Institutions enrolling more than six students receive an additional stipend that may be paid directly to the home university to subsidize other students on a study abroad experience or for additional costs incurred by the faculty member.  When 12 students enroll, the institution may elect to send another faculty member in lieu of the additional enrollment stipend.

While abroad, the Faculty Coordinator serves as the liaison between the home institution and AIFS.  The AIFS Resident Director is responsible for coordinating all support services abroad, leaving the faculty member free to contribute personal knowledge and experience to enhance the educational experience for the study group.  Faculty wanting to teach their own courses abroad can arrange curriculum, registration and credit through the home institution.  When more than 12 students are enrolled in certain programs, AIFS provides a classroom at no charge. 

The Faculty Development Program includes:

  • Round trip transportation on programs abroad from the group's gateway city and specified travel as detailed in the program description.
  • Housing and meals as specified in the program description
  • Insurance coverage, sightseeing and entertainment as specified
  • Airport taxes and fees
  • Transfers and luggage allowance of one medium-size suitcase

How to participate

1. Contact T.J. Salatto at (800) 727- 2437 or tsalatto@aifs.com to request an application and choose your summer program location.  Or download an application online as a PDF.

2. Establish application deadlines and a fee schedule.  Work with AIFS to establish an application and schedule that meets the needs of both AIFS and your institution.

3. Identify students who may be interested in summer study abroad.

4. Schedule an informational meeting in conjunction with the study abroad office and invite potential participants and interested department heads.

5. AIFS supplies your institution with catalogs, posters, ads, press releases, application and itineraries for the summer program selected.  AIFS reimburses for publicity up to $100.