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Affiliation with AIFS

The purpose of affiliation is to develop a cooperative relationship intended to promote and facilitate student participation in study abroad and to provide financial and advising support for students studying abroad.

AIFS currently has affiliation agreements with more than 400 colleges and universities across the U.S. These agreements enable AIFS to work closely with these institutions to promote study abroad among their students, and are designed to facilitate the transfer of academic credit and application financial aid.

Benefits of Affiliation

Many of your students may already be attending programs through the American Institute For Foreign Study. By becoming an Affiliate, your institution will receive a variety of benefits to assist your office and students.

Add to your program offerings

Your institution can add overseas campuses to its curriculum without any investment of time or money and with no commitment of present or future resources.

Financial Benefits

AIFS will provide a fixed grant for each student participating in a semester or summer program. At the discretion of your institution, these funds will either be applied directly to your studentsí AIFS program invoices, or paid to your institution for the administration of grants/scholarships or for other support services.

Program Site Visits

All AIFS Affiliates are eligible to request to participate in limited-enrollment, scheduled site visits with costs covered by AIFS.

Special Billing Arrangements

AIFS will arrange for the invoicing of your students and/or your institution, designed to specifications you request. Download the Special Billing Request Form.

Get Started: Become an AIFS Affiliate

Partnership with AIFS

Formal affiliation is not required to send students abroad on AIFS programs.  Should you wish to develop a relationship, but are not seeking formal affiliation, please contact us at studyabroad@aifs.com.