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Washington DC.

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Kory Saunders

Kory did a summer short-term program in Spain after her first year at Hampton University. She then studied abroad in Mexico for Spanish language acquisition. Post-graduation she did a short-term summer architecture study abroad program in Brazil. Kory completed most of her graduate course work in Valencia, Spain where she lived for six months. She […]
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María Giorello

Maria began working in the field of radio and television, doing production tasks (2001-2007). After graduating, she became interested in the area of education and began working in Spanish schools for foreigners. She went through various positions: coordinating trips around Argentina, organizing activities, coordinating classes and finally becoming director. Maria joined AIFS in 2016 and […]
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Bárbara Franconi

Barbara began working with study abroad in 2005 and has held roles including Spanish teacher, Head of Studies in the Spanish department of the “International Boreau of Language” in Buenos Aires, Academic Director of the international academy “Amauta Spanish” in charge of the Buenos Aires school and training the academic team based in Cusco. She […]
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Gunda Cespedes

After her son was born, she worked in a travel agency for some time, then moved to Argentina with her family, working on translations and teaching an online academic study module. Back in Salzburg, she worked as an administrator for some years and obtained lots of organization and administration skills. Searching for a new challenge, […]
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