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Study Abroad in Istanbul: Courses

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Bogaziηi University offers over 250 courses from the following faculties: Arts and Science; Business and Economics; Engineering and Education. Students can choose from all of the courses on offer; however there are some prerequisites for some courses in science and engineering. A full list can be found at www. summer.boun.edu.tr.

Students can choose up to three courses for a maximum of 8 credits, but we recommend taking two courses only to avoid a very heavy workload. A 3-credit course comprises 6 hours of lectures plus 2 hours of tutorials for 6 weeks, totaling 48 hours. A 4-credit course comprises 8 hours of lectures plus 2 hours of tutorials for 6 weeks, totaling 60 hours. Courses are only offered if a minimum of 10 students enroll.


Political Science/POLS 317 (3) | Politics and Society in the Middle East

General introduction to histories, peoples and politics of the Middle East. Colonialism, imperialism, orientalism, state, institutions, popular culture, nationalism, democratization, political Islam, patriarchy and social movements.

Political Science/POLS 449 (3) | International Conflict Analysis

The purpose of this course is to make empirical and normative assessments of state policies vis-ΰ-vis minority groups in ethnically divided societies. Most of the topics are based on the taxonomies provided by John McGarry and Brendan O’Leary in their coauthored book The Politics of Antagonism, which was published in 1993. This course also aims to explore alternative designs of state institutions in ethnically diverse societies. The first half of the course will examine the methods of difference elimination, while the second half is devoted to the analysis of the methods of difference management. The course will begin with a prelude to the subjects of state, nation and ethnic groups and end with the application of different models in contemporary cases of ethnic conflicts, such as Northern Ireland, Palestine, and Sri Lanka.

Political Science/POLS 453 (3) | Comparative and International Politics of the Middle East

This course is intended for students with little knowledge about contemporary politics in Egypt. The background of analysis will be a historical overview, moving chronologically from state-building under Muhammad Ali in the early 19th century to the Mubarak regime. Topics covered: state building, civil-military relations, foreign policy, Islamic revival and democratization. A variety of works will be examined, from the political and social sciences literature to articles and movies. Students will be asked to read critically and participate actively in the class discussions.

Sociology/SOC 435 (3) | Contemporary Issues in Turkey

This class aims to review and discuss some of the significant issues in the current sociological and anthropological literature including theories and critiques of modernity, nation and nation state building, roles of the state and the ways it is imagined, public culture and cultural identity, politics of memory, the neoliberal turn and neo-liberalization processes, gender identities and sexual relations, the global city, slums, and urban transformation regarding developments in Turkey especially in the post-1980 term.

Turkish Language/TKL 101 (4) | Ottoman Turkish

Covers rules and practices of Turkish spelling in both old and modern texts and also develops proficiency in reading Ottoman Turkish in print. Attention will be devoted to differences in writing between Turkish words and words of Arabic and Persian origin.

Turkish Language/TKL 102 (4) | Ottoman Turkish II

Covers rules and practice of Turkish spelling in the Arabic script in both old and modern texts and also develops proficiency in reading Ottoman Turkish in print. Grammatical rules, words and phrases in Turkish usage adopted from Persian and Arabic will be studied.

Turkish Language/TKF 111 (4) | Elementary Turkish for Foreigners

This course aims to provide new learners of Turkish with not only the basic grammatical structure of the language but also certain structures necessary for fluent communication.

Turkish Language/TKF 211 (4) | Intermediate Turkish for Foreigners

This course is designed for students who have studied elementary Turkish. It aims to provide practice and knowledge of Turkish through the study of grammatical exercises.

Armenian/ARM 101 (3) | Armenian for Beginners

An introductory course in modern Western Armenian: the Armenian script, elementary vocabulary and simple grammatical forms will be introduced. Elementary readings are part of the course work.

Additional Courses

As previously stated, students can choose from over 250 courses on offer. Additional sample courses are listed below. A full list with course descriptions and prerequisites can be found at www.summer.boun.edu.tr/.

ED 101 – Introduction to Education (3)
ED 206 – Philosophy of Education (3)
ED 221– Fundamentals of Guidance and Counselling (3)
ED 312 – Multicultural Approaches to Education (3)

FA 201 – History of the Cinema (3)
FA 348 – Introduction to Film Analysis (3)

HIST 234 – History of the Modern Middle East (3)
HIST 321 – Late Ottoman History (3)

Politics, Economics, Business
EC 2015 – Microeconomics (3)
INTT 203 – Financial Accounting (3)
POLS 303 – Fundamentals of Political Economy (3)
POLS 404 – Religion and Society (3)
POLS 440 – Current Issues in World Politics (3)

PSY 229 – Animal Behavior (3)
PSY 458 – Family Psychology (3)

Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics
BIO 101 – General Biology (3)
CE 402 – Civil Engineering Systems (3)
CE 421 – Environmental Engineering (3)
CET 360 – Instructional Technologies and Materials (3)
CHEM 201 – Organic Chemistry (3)
CMPE 475 – Computer Networks (3)
CMPE 480 – Introduction to Artificial Intelligence (3)
EE 210 – Introduction to Electrical Engineering (3)
MATH 478 – Groups and Geometries (3)
PHYS 101 – Physics 1 (3)
PHYS 206 – Exploring the Cosmos (3)
PHYS 345 – Classical Astronomy (3)
STS 401 – History of Science (3)