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Bogaziši University offers over 250 courses from the following faculties: Arts and Science; Business and Economics; Engineering and Education. Students can choose from 300 courses on offer; however there are some prerequisites for some courses in science and engineering. A full list can be found at www.

The University recommends students take one 3-credit course or one 4-credit course. A 3-credit course comprises 6 hours of lectures plus 2 hours of tutorials for 6 weeks, totaling 48 hours. A 4-credit course comprises 8 hours of lectures plus 2 hours of tutorials for 6 weeks, totaling 60 hours. Students may also choose to take a second course included in the program fee. Courses are only offered if a minimum of 10 students enroll.

Sample Summer Courses

All courses are taught in English unless otherwise stated. The following are sample courses from over 250 courses which may be offered during the Summer Program at Bogaziši University. A full list can be found at

Please contact your Admissions Officer for the current course offerings as the following sample list is subject to change.

Sample courses
Political Science/POLS 317 (3)Politics and Society in the Middle East
Political Science/POLS 449 (3)International Conflict Analysis
Political Science/POLS 453 (3)Comparative and International Politics of the Middle East
Sociology/SOC 435 (3)Contemporary Issues in Turkey
Turkish Language/TKL 101 (4)Ottoman Turkish
Turkish Language/TKL 102 (4)Ottoman Turkish II
Turkish Language/TK 111 (4)Elementary Turkish for Foreigners
Turkish Language/TK 211 (4)Intermediate Turkish for Foreigners
Armenian/ARM 101 (3) Armenian for Beginners

Additional courses

ED 101 Introduction to Education (3)
ED 206 Philosophy of Education (3)
ED 312 Multicultural Approaches to Education (3)

FA 201 History of the Cinema (3)
FA 348 Introduction to Film Analysis (3)

Politics, Economics, Business
EC 2015 Microeconomics (3)
INTT 203 Financial Accounting (3)
POLS 404 Religion and Society (3)

Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics
BIO 101 General Biology (3)
CE 402 Civil Engineering Systems (3)
CE 421 Environmental Engineering (3)
CET 360 Instructional Technologies and Materials (3)
CHEM 201 Organic Chemistry (3)
CMPE 475 Computer Networks (3)
CMPE 480 Introduction to Artificial Intelligence (3)
EE 210 Introduction to Electrical Engineering (3)
Math 478 Groups and Geometries (3)
PHYS 101 Physics 1 (3)
PHYS 206 Exploring the Cosmos (3)
PHYS 345 Classical Astronomy (3)
STS 401 History of Science (3)

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