Study Abroad in St. Petersburg: Courses

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Students are required to take one Russian language course at the appropriate level and one or more of the elective classes. There is a maximum of 10 students per language class, while a minimum of 10 students is required to confirm an elective.

Recommended semester credits are given in parentheses. Each semester covers one language level. Full-year students in good standing move to the next level in the second semester.

Scheduling conflicts may arise. The University Dean and Resident Director reserve the right to cancel or modify courses in unavoidable circumstances or due to insufficient enrollment (less than 10 students).

Russian Language Courses
Russian 101 fall/spring (9)Elementary I
Russian 102 fall/spring (9)Elementary II
Russian 201 fall/spring (9)Intermediate I
Russian 202 fall/spring (9)Intermediate II
Russian 203 fall/spring (9)Intermediate III
Russian 301 fall/spring (9)Advanced I
Russian 302 fall/spring (9)Advanced II

Elective Classes — taught in English

These coures meet throughout the semester for a total of 39 hours.
Elective Classes taught in English
Art History 303 fall/spring (3)History of Russian Art
History 305 fall/spring (3)Russian History from Kievan Rus to the Revolution
History/Political Science 315 fall/spring (3)Contemporary History of Russia: The Communist Phase
History 312 fall/spring (3)History and Culture of St. Petersburg: St. Petersburg’s Role in Russian History and Culture
Literature 307 fall/spring (3)19th Century Russian Literature
Literature 309 fall/spring (3)Contemporary Russian Literature
Political Science/Sociology 311 fall/spring (3)Contemporary Russian Life
Religion/Sociology 319 fall/spring (3)The Russian Orthodox Church, its Development and its Influence Today

Courses taught in Russian

Advanced-level students should enroll in certain elective classes in Russian that are offered to Russian students. Students who believe they would test into the advanced level may contact the Resident Director by email at the time of application to discuss elective options during their semester in St. Petersburg. Electives in Russian cannot be guaranteed by the University unless enough students enroll from the larger Russian speaking University community.

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