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Newsletter, July 2014
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Welcome to Chianti
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Where Will You Go in Spring 2015?

Next spring, you could be wandering along the Seine in Paris, spotting new species in the rainforests of Costa Rica, learning to tango in Argentina, or admiring the stunning natural beauty of South Africa – among many other options! Whatever your interests, AIFS has the perfect program for you in Spring 2015. Apply now!

Spring programs fill quickly, so don't delay! Summer is a great time to submit your application and save your place on an AIFS program this Spring.

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Spring Scholarships and Grants Available

Each year, AIFS distributes more than $600,000 in scholarships and grants. These awards include Affiliate Grants, Generation Study Abroad Scholarships, AIFS-HACU Scholarships, AIFS-NAFEO Scholarships, Diversity Abroad Scholarships, and more!

The deadline for most Spring scholarships is September 15th.

Take advantage of this opportunity to receive funding for your study abroad program. Learn more about scholarships and apply today.

Winter Wanderlust – Study Abroad in January

If you're looking for a short-term international program that you can fit in between other semester and summer commitments, January Term is a fantastic option! On our 3-week January Term programs, you'll get to immerse yourself in an unfamiliar culture; practice your language skills; take interesting classes and earn at least 3 college credits; and visit iconic sites in and around your program city, such as the Eiffel Tower or Park Güell.

2015 January Term locations:

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Florence Journal: Welcome to Chianti!

Marisa Mullen, a Penn State student studying abroad with AIFS in Florence, recently visited Chianti, a region of Italy known for its beautiful vineyards and amazing wines. Recounting her visit to Verrazzano, Marisa shares her experience from a perfect day of wine-tasting:

We took a trip with AIFS to Chianti, an area in Toscana. We visited the Castello di Verrazzano, which was an old castle on the top of a huge, beautiful mountain. As our bus approached the top, I literally felt as if I was entering into a painting portraying the stereotypical Italian landscape...

We exited the buses to meet Gino, our guide for the tour. He was so knowledgeable and charismatic! He kept us all completely engaged, although that wasn't a very hard task to begin with. One of the first things he said that captured all of our attention was something I will have printed in my kitchen someday.... "Where there is wine there is food. Where there is food there is wine. Welcome to Chianti!"

Read more: Marisa Mullen Student Journal

Student Blog: 25 Things I Learned Studying Abroad In South Africa

Former AIFS student Colleen Williams recently blogged about the valuable life lessons she learned during her semester abroad in South Africa:

When I first decided to study abroad my freshmen year of college, I latched onto the idea of going to South Africa and never let go. And after my semester abroad, I’m so glad I didn’t listen to all the negative things I heard about South Africa. Here are 25 reasons that you should ignore all the negatives you hear about “off the beaten track” study abroad destinations and go for it.

1. Ostriches are the weirdest creatures. They are everywhere in South Africa and just run along the road. They are the funniest looking creatures I’ve ever met.

5. I am financially stable but not rich in all areas of my life. While in South Africa I learned about poverties. The children I taught at Lynedoch might have material poverty but they are richer in many other areas of life, such as community. There are many different types of poverty and those of us in 1st world countries can still have poverty in our lives.

Read more: 25 Things I Learned Studying Abroad In South Africa

Congratulations Summer Gilman Scholars!

AIFS is pleased to announce that the following recipients of the Benjamin A. Gilman International Scholarship are attending AIFS programs this summer:

  • Alexander Orellana, University of Texas at Arlington – Sao Paulo, Brazil
  • Sarah Carr, Berea College – San José, Costa Rica (pictured)
  • Tevin Webster, Berea College – San José, Costa Rica
  • Josefina Corpus, University of Texas at Arlington – Florence, Italy
  • Hien Nguyen, University of Houston – Rome, Italy
  • Sarah Mindek, Youngstown State University – St. Petersburg, Russia
  • Yervand Azatian, University of Southern California – Istanbul, Turkey
  • Ana Guzman, University of Texas at El Paso – Istanbul, Turkey

Congratulations to these students on their achievements! AIFS also offers Gilman Scholars who study abroad on our programs an additional Gilman Scholarship Bonus of $500 for semester programs or $250 for summer programs.

Perfect Moments in London

Whether you're studying abroad in London or have a London stopover before heading to your program destination, you'll be amazed by all that this amazing cultural hub has to offer. BuzzFeed recently compiled a list of significant moments for every London visitor. Check out their article 41 Perfect Moments You Experience Your First Time In London for the full list.

  • Purchasing your first Oyster card and clutching it with pride.
  • Posing in an iconic red phone booth to appease all your friends and family.
  • Strolling down the Thames as the sun sets and illuminates the water.
  • Paying £5 to get an authentic Shakespearean experience at the Globe.

Read more: 41 Perfect Moments You Experience Your First Time In London

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