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Italian language course levels are determined by placement tests to ensure the appropriate level. Since language demands are challenging, students may be placed in a level lower than requested. Students should make sure the advisors at their home institutions are informed about this to avoid problems with credit transfer. A minimum enrollment of 10 is required to confirm a course.

Online Registration

Students must register for all classes online at:

Registration week is: June 4-11 (fall semester), November 5-12 (spring semester)

Orientation Courses

Orientation Courses - taught in Florence
ITL 103 (3)Elementary Italian I—Florence
ITL 104 (3)Elementary Italian II—Florence
ITL 203 (3)Intermediate Italian I—Florence
ITL 204 (3)Intermediate Italian II—Florence
ARH 273 (1)Introduction to Italian Art

Semester Courses - taught in Rome

With the exception of Italian (which is required), courses are taught in English, Monday through Friday. Semester credits are in parentheses after course titles. New courses may be offered. Please check the website for the most current course list. A minimum enrollment of 10 is required for each course.

Italian Language

Conversation is a central part of every lesson. In Rome students may choose between the Basic Spoken Italian (1 credit) or the continuation of the Italian course taken in Florence (4 credits).

Italian Language
ITL 105 (1)Basic Spoken Italian
ITL 112 (4)Elementary Italian II
ITL 211 (4)Intermediate Italian I
ITL 212 (4)Intermediate Italian II
ITL 303 (3)Advanced Italian

Courses taught in English

Art, Design and Media
ADM 301 fall/spring (3)Introduction to Drawing
ADM 341 fall/spring (3)Photography for the Media

Art History
ARH 305 spring only (3)Introduction to Renaissance and Baroque Art in Rome
ARH 308 spring only (3)Art and Culture in Rome 800 BC - 2000 AD
ARH 309 fall/spring (3)History of Ancient Art: Greece and Rome
ARH 321 fall/spring (3)Baroque Rome and Its Monuments
ARH 322 fall/spring (3)High Renaissance Art
ARH 324 spring only (3)Michelangelo in Rome
ARH 328 fall only (3)Caravaggio in Rome

COM 308 fall only (3)Writing for the Media/Journalism in Italy
COM 315 fall only (3)History of Italian Cinema and Society
COM 362 spring only (3)Adaptations: Literature and Cinema
COM 378 spring only (3)Gender in Film

ECN 357 fall/spring (3)International Economic Relations

HST 311 fall/spring (3)Rome Through the Ages
HST 313 spring only (3)Introduction to Modern Europe (1870-1945)
HST 325 fall/spring (3)Culture and Society in Medieval Rome
HST 326 fall/spring (3)History of the Italian Mafia

International Business
INB 483 fall/spring (3)Internship in International Business

International Relations
INR 306 spring only (3)Human Rights
INR/SLC 313 spring only (3)Globalization: A European Perspective

LIT 327 spring only (3)Italian Literature in Translation
LIT 329 fall/spring (3)Classical Mythology
LIT 330 fall only (3)Roman Life and Thought

MGT 358 spring only (3)Human Resource Management

MKT 301 fall/spring (3)Principles of Marketing

PHL 305 fall only (3)History of Western Philosophy I
PHL 306 spring only (3)History of Western Philosophy II

Political Science
PLT 302 spring only (3)Italian Society: From Fascism to the Present
PLT 331 fall only (3)Ethnicity and Identity
PLT 359 fall/spring (3)The European Union in the New International System

RLG 300 fall only (3)Comparative World Religion
RLG 315 spring only (3)Religions and Cults of the Roman Empire

SLC 307 fall only (3)Made in Italy: Symbols of Italian Identity from Espresso to Ferrari

Social Sciences
SSC 483 fall/spring (3)Internship in Social Science

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