Study Abroad in Hyderabad: Courses

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SIP Language courses

Language courses
Hindi 101 fall/spring (4)Basic Hindi
Hindi 201 fall/spring (4)Intermediate Hindi
Sanskrit 101 fall/spring (4)Basic Sanskrit
Telugu 101 fall/spring (4)Basic Telugu
Urdu 101 fall/spring (4)Basic Urdu

SIP Sample Content Courses Taught in English

Students may take a maximum of 3 content courses. All courses are subject to a minimum enrollment of 10 students.

Content Courses
Anthropology/Social Science 301 (4)Introduction to Indian Folk Culture
Art History 304 (4)Making of Modern Indian Art
Islamic Studies 303 (4)Islamic Culture in India
Dance 101 (4)Kuchipudi Dance
History/Social Science 305 (4)Contemporary India
History/Social Science/Women’s Studies 307 (4)South-Asian Women in the Diaspora
Literature 311 (4)Indian English Literature and Thought
Literature 313 (4)Indian Philosophy
Politics/Religion 315 (4)Religion and Politics in Modern India
Philosophy 317 (4)Yoga Philosophy, Theory and Principles of Practice

Regular University Courses

In addition to the courses listed above, AIFS students may choose to take regular courses at the University (taught in English) along with Indian students. Over 200 courses are offered every semester by different departments or schools of the University. For a full list of available courses, please contact the AIFS Admissions Officer. Please note that courses are subject to change.

Management and Information Technology courses

The School of Management and the School of Information Sciences offer many specialized courses each semester. Depending on prerequisites, students may be able to take courses such as:

Advertising and Brand Management
Cross Cultural and Global Management
Customer Relationship Management
Entrepreneurship and Intrapreneurship
International Business Strategies
International Marketing
Project Management
Financial Management and Planning
Research Methodology for Managers
Computer Organization and Architecture
Programming Methodology
Operating Systems
Data Base Management Systems

A full list of management and computer application courses can be requested from the AIFS Admissions Officer.

Non-credit Courses

A number of non-credit courses will be arranged by the Study India Program – these may include Tabla (traditional Indian drumming) and other forms of traditional music and dance.

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