Study Abroad in Paris (Catholic University of Paris, ILCF): Housing & Meals


In Paris you will be a paying guest in a Parisian home where you will have a double or single room in your hostís apartment. You will have a key and can come and go as you wish. There is privacy for study, yet a certain amount of contact with the Parisian hosts. You are likely to be housed with a single woman or professional couple. Students are seldom housed with families with young children.

In many homes, you will only have the use of the bedroom, bathroom and limited use of the kitchen. Parisian hosts do not usually allow free use of the entire apartment. It is important to understand the differences between American hospitality to foreign students and renting a room from a host in Paris. Most Europeans provide housing to foreign students for commercial reasons. Students should not assume they will be included in the daily life of their Parisian hosts.

The fee is based on a twin bedded room, sharing with another AIFS student. If you prefer a single room in a family with another AIFS student in another single room, you must pay a supplement of $360 for the English Program and $480 for the Advanced French Program. Students who want exclusive interaction with the French host and who choose to be the sole guest must pay a supplement of $600 for the English Program and $800 for the Advanced French Program.

AIFS always arranges the best accommodation available for students. Changes in housing will be considered only in the event of health and safety issues. Students staying for the Advanced French Program are allowed to remain in their homestay during the Christmas and spring vacations. However, most students take advantage of these breaks to travel.


Breakfast at your Parisian home is included in the fee. Each semester, AIFS offers 3 group dinners in local restaurants, 2 vouchers for a 3-course meal and a set of snack tickets for each student. Students may also consider any of the following meal plan options for an additional fee:

AIFS restaurant vouchers You can pay a supplement for restaurant vouchers which can be exchanged at selected restaurants or snack bars throughout France. Students receive 2 vouchers per day, 5 days a week. The cost of approximately $1050 for the Advanced French Program or $900 for the English Program is payable to AIFS prior to departure. Since the exchange rate varies, AIFS will confirm the exact price of meal vouchers in dollars just prior to the start of the semester. If you do not use all your vouchers in any one week, you may use them in subsequent weeks. Many restaurants and snack bars in the city accept these vouchers. If you spend more than the value of the voucher, then you pay the difference. If your purchase is less than the total value of the voucher, you do not get change. There is no cash rebate for unused vouchers in Paris. If you choose this option, you must sign up and pay for the meal plan once you have been accepted onto the program. The meal plan is non-refundable.

Cafeteria meal tickets If you are on a tight budget, you may prefer to purchase University cafeteria tickets instead of restaurant vouchers. The price is approximately 8 euros per meal. If you select this option, you can purchase these tickets directly at the cafeterias.

Dinner with families Some of the Parisian hosts who provide housing for AIFS students agree to offer four dinners a month for a supplementary fee. This is a good opportunity to have more contact with your Parisian hosts and to practice French. If you would like to take advantage of this option, you will pay the supplementary fee for the entire stay ($340 for 16 meals for students on the Advanced French Program or $260 for 12 meals for students on the English Program) to AIFS prior to departure.

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