Study Abroad in Paris (Catholic University of Paris, ILCF): Courses

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French Language Courses

All students (except those placing into Advanced level) must take General French and can add oral French, written French or phonetics. Classes can be combined. Oral French, written French and phonetics classes each meet 3 hours a week.

The General Language course aims to enable students to communicate effectively in both written and spoken French. Through classes in phonetics, grammar, conversation and French life, students learn to express themselves in most everyday situations.

French: General
French 131 Beginner French (9)
French 132 Elementary French (9), Upper Elementary French (6)
French 232 Intermediate French (4)
French 332 Advanced French (4)

French: Oral
French 101 (2), French 102 (2) Beginner French Oral, Elementary French Oral
French 202 (2)Intermediate French Oral
French 302 (3), French 402 (3)Advanced French Oral, Master French Oral

French: Written
French 111 (2), French 112 (2) Beginner French Written, Elementary French Written
French 212 (2)Intermediate French Written
French 312 (3), French 412 (3)Advanced French Written, Master French Written

French: Phonetics
French 121 (2), French 122 (2) Beginner French Phonetics, Elementary French Phonetics
French 222 (2)Intermediate French Phonetics
French 322 (3)Advanced French Phonetics

Courses in English
Film Studies 321 (3) Contemporary French Cinema
Fine Arts 301 (3) Modern and Contemporary Art in France in the 20th century
Fine Arts 307 (3) Fashion in France
Economics/Political Science 309 (3) Politics and the Economy in France and Europe Today
History/Economics/Political Science 305 (3) The European Union Today
Literature/French 313 (3) The Very Best of French Literature

Courses in French
Literature/French 313 (3) Litérature française contemporaine (Contemporary French Literature)

Courses Taught by Other Institutions

The University of London Institute in Paris

Académie de Port Royal

Schola Cantorum

Students may take one or two courses at these institutions. Except in special circumstances, a minimum of 10 is needed for a course. Students receive transcripts or certificates authenticating work completed.

These institutions vary in accreditation status.

The University of London Institute in Paris is a specialist institute of the University of London situated in the 7th arrondissement, offering undergraduate and graduate programs in French and related areas of study.

The Académie de Port Royal is a private art school not of university status in France. Students wishing to transfer credit for Port Royal courses should check with their home institutions.

The Schola Cantorum is a private music school in Paris.

Students should confirm with home institutions whether transfer credit is allowed from private educational institutions.

The University of London Institute in Paris
Fine Arts 303 fall only (3)Artistic ideas in France 1848-1919

Académie de Port Royal
Fine Arts 301 fall/spring (1-4)Art in Studio (Painting, sketching, drawing)

Schola Cantorum
Music 307 fall/spring (1-4)Instrument Study

Special Courses

Non-credit courses
Non-credit (-)French Cuisine
Non-credit (-)Wine Appreciation

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