Study Abroad in Paris (Catholic University of Paris, ILCF): Courses

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Placement is determined by an online test taken prior or upon arrival in Paris and an oral test taken upon arrival regardless of previous French study. All students must take a French language course.

French Language Classes (Mandatory)

The French language course aims to enable students to communicate effectively in both written and spoken French. Through classes in phonetics, grammar, conversation and French life, students learn to express themselves in most everyday situations. Classes are held in the morning for 15 hours per week for a total of 60 hours.
French Language
French 131 (4)French Language - Beginner
French 132 (4)French Language - Elementary
French 232 (4)French Language - Intermediate
French 332 (4), French 432 (4) French Language - Advanced, Superior

Electives (taught in English)

Electives are held in the afternoon. Students have the option of taking one or two electives taught in English. Each elective course meets twice a week for four hours totaling 26 hours (2 credits). Classes are taught in the afternoon. All electives are subject to a minimum of 10 students. Two electives is considered a heavy load.

Electives (taught in English)
Fine Arts 301 (2)Modern and Contemporary Art in France in the 20th Century
Fine Arts 307 (2)Fashion in France
Economics/Political Science 309 (2)Politics and the Economy in France and Europe Today

Non-Credit Cultural Enrichment Courses

Non-credit enrichment courses
Non-creditFrench Cuisine
Non-creditWine Appreciation

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