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Students may select courses in English, French or both according to language ability and placement tests. Students must place into the advanced level to enroll in lecture courses. Recommended semester credits are in parentheses. Quarter students should reduce total credits by one-third.

Cours de Civilisation Française de la Sorbonne

Several courses are organized and taught by Cours de Civilisation Française instructors exclusively for AIFS students. Beginning and lower intermediate students should choose courses taught in English during the first semester in Paris. Advanced students in both semesters and full year students in the second semester should choose courses taught in French (see listings). These classes should not be confused with the regular Cours de Civilisation Française lecture series.

A minimum of 8 students is needed to confirm a course (classes usually have about 15 students). Each seminar meets 30 hours per semester plus 15 hours for directed study outside class. (These are 60-minute classes for 30 contact hours, equivalent to 36 hours of 50-minute classes). All levels of French language (cours pratique) meet considerably more hours—140 contact hours of 60-minute classes.

Beginning and intermediate students must take the cours pratique in French and a seminar in French or English given by the Sorbonne each semester. They should also plan to take two additional courses or seminars each semester. Full-year students whose level of French is sufficient by the second semester will be encouraged to enroll in advanced courses. Advanced students must take one seminar in French the second semester.

Please note that placement for courses is determined by a test taken on arrival, regardless of previous study and language level in Cannes.

Phonetic French is intended to give students a working knowledge of the language for everyday needs. Classes are taught in small groups for 25 hours per semester and must be taken in conjunction with French 101, 151, 201, 301 or 401.

Fall and Spring Semester
French 101 fall/spring (9)Beginner French + Phonetics
French 151 fall/spring (9)Elementary French + Phonetics
French 201 fall/spring (9)Intermediate French + Phonetics
French 301 fall/spring (9)Advanced French + Phonetics
French 401 fall/spring (9)Superior French + Phonetics

Seminars Taught in English

These electives are exclusively for AIFS students. A minimum of 8 students is required to confirm a course.

Seminars Taught in English
Cultural Studies 316 fall/spring (3)Civilization, Literature and the Paris Landscape
Fine Arts 319 fall/spring (3)Paris: Its History and Architecture
Political Science/Literature 360 fall/spring (3)Franco-American Relations from Lafayette to Today
Sociology 360 spring only (3)Multiculturalism and Modern France

Seminars Taught in French

These electives are organized and taught by instructors of the Cours de Civilisation Française exclusively for AIFS students. A minimum of 8 students is needed to confirm a course. Advanced level participants are required to elect at least one each semester.

Fall Semester
Fine Arts/French/History 313 fall only (3) Civilisation Française (French Civilization)
Fine Arts 319F fall/spring (3)Paris: Son Histoire, Son Architecture, (Paris: Its History and Architecture)
Fine Arts 328 fall only (3)La Peinture Française aux 16ème et 18ème Siècles (French Painting in the 16th and 18th Centuries)

Spring Semester
Fine Arts/History/French 314 spring only (3)Civilisation Française (French Civilization)
Fine Arts 319F fall/spring (3)Paris: Son Histoire, Son Architecture, (Paris: Its History and Architecture)
Fine Arts 329 spring only (3)Du Réalisme au Post-Impressionnisme: la Peinture Française de 1850 à 1900 (From Realism to Post Impressionism: French Painting from 1850 to 1900)
French Literature 310 spring only (3)Le Roman et la Poésie aux 19ème et 20ème Siècles (19th and 20th Century French Novels and Poetry)

Lecture Courses Taught in French

Please note these courses are not open to quarter students and are subject to change at short notice.

Fall Semester
Art History 411/412 fall/spring (3)Histoire de l’Art Français (French Art History)
Economics/Politics 409 fall only (3)Approche de l’Actualité en France (Overview of French Current Affairs)
French Literature 411 fall only (3)Littérature et Civilisation Françaises l’Age Classique: 17ème-18ème siècles (French Literature and Civilization : classical period 17th-18th centuries)
History 409 fall only (3)Paris de origines à la Révolution Française (Paris from its origins to the French Revolution)
History/Politics/Economics 411 fall only (3)La France et l’Europe (France and Europe)
History/Politics/Sociology 411 fall only (3)La Société Française du Moyen-Age à nos jours (French society from the Middle Ages to the Present Day)
Philosophy 411 fall only (3) Mythes et pensée modernes (Myths and Modern Thought)

Spring Semester
Art History 411/412 fall/spring (3)Histoire de l’Art Français (French Art History)
Fine Arts 414 spring only (3)Les courant artistiques en France aux 19éme et 20éme siècles (Artistic trends in France in the 19th and 20th centuries)
Geography 402 spring only (3)Géographie culturelle et sociale de la France (Cultural and Social Geography of France)
History 408 spring only (3)Paris
History/Politics 412 spring only (3)La France et l’Europe/La société française (France and Europe/French Society)
Theater Studies 414 spring only (3)Le théâtre du 20ème siècle (Theater in the 20th century)

Courses Taught by Other Institutions

Institut de Langue et de Culture Françaises, (ILCF)

The University of London Institute in Paris

Académie de Port Royal

Schola Cantorum

Semester students may take one or two courses at these institutions; Quarter students may take only one course. Except in special circumstances, a minimum of 10 is needed for a course. Students receive transcripts or certificates authenticating work completed.

These institutions vary in accreditation status.

The Institut de Langue et de Culture Françaises is a private institution. It is recognized by the French Ministry of Higher Education. It provides a certificate and has University status as it is a part of the Institut Catholique de Paris.

The University of London Institute in Paris is a specialist institute of the University of London situated in the 7th arrondissement, offering undergraduate and graduate programs in French and related areas of study.

The Académie de Port Royal is a private art school not of university status in France. Students wishing to transfer credit for Port Royal courses should check with their home institutions.

The Schola Cantorum is a private music school in Paris.

Students should confirm the status of credit transfer with their home institutions.

Institut de Langue et de Culture Françaises (ILCF)
Fine Arts 307 fall/spring (3) Fashion in France

The University of London Institute in Paris
Fine Arts 303 fall/spring (3)Artistic ideas in France 1848-1919

Académie de Port Royal
Fine Arts 301 fall/spring (1-4)Art in Studio (Painting, sketching, drawing)

Schola Cantorum
Music 307 fall/spring (1-4)Instrument Study

Non-Credit Cultural Enrichment Courses

Non-credit courses
Non-credit (-)French Cuisine
Non-credit (-)Wine Appreciation

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