AIFS in Grenoble Resident Director

AIFS in Cannes Resident DirectorMiranda Rea

11 rue de la Liberté
38000 Grenoble

Phone: (33) 9 71 51 00 94

Bonjour! After obtaining my degree in England I joined AIFS in the London office in 1989. I moved to France in 1990 and have been the Resident Director here in Grenoble since the fall of 1994. Iím here to provide support, encouragement and a friendly face to you during your stay in Grenoble. I know a great deal about the culture, language and lifestyle of France and am looking forward to sharing it with you! I choose the families with whom AIFS students stay with great care.

When I am not working, I love swimming, ice-skating and enjoying French cuisine. I am also a bit of a traveler myself, I spent a year as a volunteer and teacher in Zambia, Africa.

Youíll find Grenoble to be a wonderful city and Iím here to help you out with any questions or problems you may have. The office is in the center of town - feel free to stop in at any time.

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