Study Abroad in London: Special Programs

International Internship Program (IIP)

The International Internship Program is an innovative way to enhance classroom learning with work experience for credit. Alongside a class introducing British culture and preparatory seminars, students are placed in positions with leading companies, organizations and agencies in London. Internships provide insight into a career, practical experience and development of professional skills. Students may be placed in advertising and sales promotion, museums, theater education and research, accounting, investment and banking, market research and public relations, government or publishing. This program is open to juniors and seniors who meet specific admission requirements. See details in next chapter. Recently a number of Richmond students have had the good fortune to work with, and/or meet during their internship placements, a number of influential and international leaders, such as Tony Blair, Al Gore and David Cameron.

Certificate in British Studies (15)

For those interested in the interdisciplinary nature of a liberal arts education, this is an excellent way to combine history, literature and the social sciences in a systematic and intensive study of British culture. To achieve the certificate, students must complete five courses from a specially selected list. A full list of certificate courses is available on Richmondís website at: If you are interested in being considered for receipt of this certificate, be sure to notify the Academic Affairs Office at Richmond upon arrival in London.

Freshmen and Sophomores

A separate program is available for freshmen and sophomores at the Universityís Richmond Hill campus, 45-60 minutes away from Kensington. Students live in double or triple rooms and receive 10 meals per week in the student cafeteria. A range of 100 and 200 level courses are offered, details of which can be found on Richmondís website at: Please note that upper division students are not encouraged to enroll in lower division courses because of the commuting time and cost of travel between campuses.

If you are traveling on an AIFS Partnerships faculty-led program through your home institution, see the AIFS Partnerships website.

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