Study Abroad in Salzburg: Courses

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Orientation Courses

A placement exam after arrival determines appropriate levels. The intensive German language orientation course meets for a total of 30 hours of instruction. Each course is divided into grammar, conversation, vocabulary and culture with an exam at the end. These courses consist of small groups of exclusively AIFS students. Instructors are approved by the University of Salzburg. Orientation courses are worth 2 credits and appear on a University of Salzburg transcript.

German language courses
German 101 fall/spring (2)Elementary German
German 201 fall/spring (2)Intermediate German I
German 301 fall/spring (2)Intermediate German II
German 401 fall/spring (2)Advanced German

Semester Courses

Courses at the 100 level are introductory courses. Two hundred and 300 level courses are semi-specialized courses for students with ability and background in the subject. Four hundred level courses are designed for students majoring in the discipline. The number in parentheses indicates both recommended credits and number of class hours per week. Although German language is not mandatory after orientation, AIFS strongly recommends students to take German language while studying abroad in Salzburg. Courses with German titles are taught in German. Ten students are required to confirm a course. Courses are held Monday through Friday.

German language courses
German 102 (3)Elementary German II
German 202 (3)Intermediate German II
German 302 (3)Intermediate German III
German 402 (3)Advanced German
German 343570 (2) AND German 343571 (2)German-English Translation (Deutsch-Englische Übersetzung)
German 305 (fall only) (3)Living Grammar (Grammatik in der Praktischen Anwendung)
German 306 (spring only) (3)Creative Writing (Kreatives Schreiben)

Courses taught in English

Students with no German background may take all courses in English. Three subject areas are taught by the University exclusively for AIFS students: international relations, business and economics, and arts and humanities

One college-level course in macro/microeconomics is a prerequisite for all business courses.

Fall Semester

International Relations
Politics 305 fall only (3) NEW!What are Those European Socialist Ideas About? A History of European Socialist Thinking.
Politics 307 fall only (3)Protection of Human Rights
Politics 308 fall only (3)International Conflicts and Conflict Resolution
Politics 309 spring only (3)European Integration
Politics 311 spring only (3)The Rise of the Right: A History of Fascism
Politics/Economics 320 fall only (3)International Political Economy

Business and Economics
Business/Economics 301 spring only (3)Europe and the Global Economy
Business/Economics 313 fall only (3)International Management Strategies
Business/Economics 315 spring only (3)Communication Skills for Management

Art 303 (3)European Art and Architecture I: Renaissance and Baroque
Art/Anthropology 304 spring only (3)Austrian Folk Art and Folk Customs
Art 307 spring only (3)European Art and Architecture II: Post-Baroque to the Present
History 301 spring only (3)World War II and Central Europe
Literature 302 spring only (3)Concepts of Heroism in Western Culture
Literature 310 (3)Atrocity and Modernism: The Literature and History of 20th Century Europe
Music 301 spring only (3)Music in the Age of Mozart
Music 302 (3)Music from the Romantics to the Present Day
Philosophy 301 fall only (3)The Modern European Mind
Sociology/History 312 (3)Contemporary Austrian Culture

Courses taught in German

Basic, uncomplicated German is used and AIFS students receive help with language requirements.

Courses in German
German/History 307 fall/spring (3)Hitler und das Dritte Reich (Hitler and the Third Reich)
German/Music 308 fall only (3)Mozart und Seine Welt (Mozart and His World)
German/Music 312 spring only (3)Musik: Hören und Verstehen (Music: Listening and Appreciation)

University of Salzburg Courses

As members of the University, AIFS students may, with exceptions, attend any of the regular courses offered. Students must check for a full listing upon arrival, as the catalog detailing courses does not appear until two to three weeks before a semester begins. If a student would like to take University courses for credit, a fall semester student must stay until January 31 and a spring semester student must stay until June 30. Students pay a fee of $950 for the extra month for accommodations, meals and administration.

The payment fee deadline for the $950 supplement is October 15 for the fall semester and March 15 for the spring semester. Students can pay this supplement to AIFS in the U.S. prior to departure.

Students wishing to matriculate directly into the University of Salzburg courses must have at least two years of college level German.

University of Salzburg Courses

English Literature

The University offers a full range of English literature courses popular with AIFS students. Leading scholars from Britain and the U.S. often visit the University to offer lectures and courses.

Foreign Languages

For students interested in other languages, the Department of Romance Languages offers courses at all levels in French, Spanish, Italian and Portuguese; the Department of Slavic Languages offers courses at all levels in Russian, Serbo- Croatian and Polish. Language of instruction is either German or the language being taught.

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