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Optional Intensive Spanish Language Pre-Course ($1,995)

Students can choose to take a 4-week Intensive Spanish language course prior to the start of the semester at one of the language levels listed below. Classes meet for 5 hours per day from Monday to Friday for a total of 100 hours. This course is recommended for 5 semester credits.

Courses are offered at Elementary, Intermediate I and II and Advanced levels. Courses have 60 class hours times 60 minutes, for a total of 3,600 minutes, equivalent to 5 academic credits.

Optional pre-semester 4-week Intensive Spanish Language Courses
Spanish 121 (5)Español Básico (Beginners Spanish)
Spanish 251 (5)Español Intermedio 1 (Intermediate Spanish 1)
Spanish 281 (5)Español Intermedio 2 (Intermediate Spanish 2)
Spanish 321 (5)Español Avanzado (Advanced Spanish)

Semester Courses

Courses generally meet twice per week for 90 minutes each class for a total of 60 hours. Recommended semester credits are shown in parentheses.

Semester Spanish Language Courses
Spanish 120 (4)Español Básico (Beginners Spanish)
Spanish 250/255 (3)Español Intermedio A y B (Intermediate Spanish A/B)
Spanish 320 (3)Español Avanzado A y B (Advanced Spanish A/B)
Spanish 256/226 (1)Produccion Oral Intermedia y Avanzada (Intermediate and Advanced Conversation)
Spanish 230 (3)Español para hablantes de herencia (Spanish for native or heritage speakers)
Spanish 200/300 (3)Taller de escritura (Spanish Writing Workshop)

All students take a Spanish language course ranging in level from beginner to advanced. Placement will be determined by a language test at the start of the program. Students can then choose 3 or 4 elective courses taught in English and Spanish.

Semester Courses taught in English
Business 333 (3) International Business in the Southern Cone
Economics 310 (3)Argentine Economy
Economics 330 (3)Social Economy in Latin America
Economics 332 (3)Economic Integration in Latin America
Economics 400 (3)Latin America in Global Economy
History 340 (3)History of Latin America
International Relations 366 (3)U.S. – Latin America Relations
Literature 372 (3)Latin American Literature
Literature 420 (3)Jorge Luis Borges: Visions of Culture and Knowledge
Political Science/Sociology 360 (3)Political and Social Change
Sociology 362 (3)Latin American Cultures and Societies
Sociology 380 (3)Gender in Latin America
Sociology 443 (3)Tango: Gender, Nation and Identity

Semeseter Courses Taught in Spanish
Art 302 (3)Arte argentino contemporáneo (Contemporary Argentine Art)
Cultural Studies 260 (2)Tango Danza (Tango Dance)
Cultural Studies 262 (3)Estudios Culturales Latinoamericanos (Latin American Cultural Studies)
Cultural Studies 330 (3)Estudios culturales argentines (Argentine cultural studies)
Economics 369 (3)Historia económica de Latinoamérica (Economic history of Latin America)
Economics 372 (3)Política económica Argentina (Economic policy in Argentina)
Economics 400 (3)Latinoamérica y la economía global (Latin America and the global economcy)
Film 264 (3)Cine latinoamericano (Latin American Cinema)
History 312 (3)Historia latinoamericana siglo XX (20th Century Latin American history)
Literature 321 (3)Literatura latinoamericana (Latin American Literature)
Literature 322 (3)Literatura argentina (Argentine literature)
Literature/Film 442 (3)Narrativas de lo monstruoso en Latinoamérica (Narratives of the human monster in Latin America)
Political Science 345 (3)Argentina, sociedad abierta (Argentina: transformations in society)
Political Science 346 (3)Pensamiento político latinoamericano (Political thought in Latin America)
Political Science 455 (3)Sistemas políticos: los populismos latinoamericanos (Political systems: Latin American populism)
Sociology 420 (3)Estudios de género en Latinoamérica (Gender studies in Latin America)
Sociology 444 (3)Ficciones urbanas: las ciudades latinoamericanas (Urban fictions: Latin American cities)
Sociology 454 (3)Sociedades latinoamericanas: los movimientos sociales (Social movements in Latin American societies)

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